Saturday, July 14, 2007


WHAT IS LIFE?..and Do I Matter?

Life, what is it? Life is created by God. It was given to us by Him. You only have one. It is VALUABLE and becomes serious what one does with it. God says, "life is like a vapor it appeareth for a little while and then vanisheth away." It is short.

Life, You can either be selfish and keep it for yourself or give it away, but sometimes there is not enough left for you. If you are not careful people will take advantage and take it from you for their selfish reasons. Then, when you need some you are left with none and all worn out.

How do you find what is yours? A part belongs to you, where is it? You feel as though everyone is having their part and it is going fast. Where is yours? Is it there? Are you strong enough to say, "This is mine!".

You might ask "Where are you God while all this is going on? Have you closed Your eyes like You don't care?" You might even dare to say, "You sure are quite, or are You? Are You the One who is causing me to come into this awareness?" It could be cause You know all things and say they are for my good."

Then, how do you stand up and say, "This is mine"?, you might ask. Are you bold enough? Do you feel worthy of any of this life? Who will do it for you if you don't? Can't you receive it? "Fear" comes over you when you see the vast space before you. "Hope" fills your heart when you know there is life ahead, although we are not promised a tomorrow. Is it "Faith" that is absent in us? "Faith" is belief. Believe in what or is it Who? We have faith in God, who we can not see, but is it not having faith in ourselves who we can see?

Where inside of you does the answer come? Why wait for that, like some. All around look and see....Life rings out clear for you. Take it, take it, while its here. The time is now, step out bravely and have you some. You realize now, what the real truth is. The truth is if you don't have your life.... there want be any for you to give! You do matter enough for God to one day say "I want YOU so He took the time to make a creation..YOU... and there is nothing or nobody else anywhere like you. You DO MATTER!

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