Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Freedom has many definitions, I suppose as many as you want to make it have because you are free to do so!

The meaning you attach to Freedom will be related to where you are in life right now. Feeling tight, constrained and trapped is your making, but when you think about it, you don’t have to live there.

So…what do you do? Free yourself, open the door, walk out--you have the key. What am I really saying? It is a choice you are making right now. Can you become bold, taking the chance walking through the door, or shy, afraid and living with such limits you never see the light of a bright day?

In your mind you live where the past traps you, the future scares you and the present is not even recognized. You are running so fast, you don’t take time to stop and get into the moment.

Step out into the future where Freedom really lives! The space is wide, the path is clear. It is like walking with a flashlight in the darkness though. As you walk forward in the light’s beam, you will see more and more as you take one step at a time. It will take trust, belief and confidence in the One who died for you and me that we might live FREE!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I sit alone, waiting and going through my mind thinking of the things that lay heavy on me--those “weights that so easily beset me” that the scripture talks about. I look over at the chair sitting in the corner. The one my Grandfather, Papa, sat in so many years ago, I was a young child then. As I walked by his room, I could hear him praying. Ever so often, I would hear my name as he would talk to God about the family needs. His prayers were for me to come to Him one day believing and entering into Eternal Life, then to guide me and keep me on the path promised.

Could this possibly be one of those prayers answered today from back then as I struggle with current issues? I am realizing life is heavy as I am trying to do it on my own. I am stopped right in my tracks. My heart tells me I am going in the right direction, but my ears and eyes try to lie to me, telling me to be “scared of this darkness,” or the sounds are telling me, “I can’t do it.” My steps are being hindered with every step. Each time I think I am benefitting as I get through a dark spot, wading through the tightness of despair. I begin to sense a growth taking place with strength, in the muscles of life. Could that be why we are to be “thankful in all things”? Waiting in a “holding pattern” is “pregnant silence" (something going on, but not to be delivered yet), but when it is finished, I can take off and soar like an Eagle through life so grand.

I am not waiting alone. Oh! My! I can see it now. I have Him waiting with me. My Heavenly Father, my Creator is so patient, so kind, so ready to pick me up and dust me off. He has not left me alone, He has given me The Comforter to live in me, to guide me, to wait with me as the tapestry of my life is woven. He is here in me--waiting, wooing, holding, and loving me through the things designed to build me into the One whose image He is conforming me into--the waiting is over, I was not alone. I do get through and the me, the REAL me, can FLY! Papa, thank you for caring those many years ago, you must be rejoicing with the Angels!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Deep in my Soul my MIND/EMOTION/WILL exists and sometimes there is unrest. My Mind is racing, my Emotions are running out of control, and in my Will, I then tend to make bad choices. I don’t want this to happen--at this point I become responsible and turn to the Word of God. It most likely is one of those times when things seem to be out of control. I am waiting to hear from Father about a situation I am facing, or just plain everyday stresses that are trying to move me off of the Truth!

Someone shared with me years ago a plan for reading God’s Word. They told me this will help you in the hard times and the peaceful times too! The scripture is food for our Soul. It lifts you up and puts you back on course and gives direction. David had a lot going on in his life and, when I read his writings from the Psalms, I know his experiences and his love for His God can give me the encouragement I need just for that moment.

I hope this will guide you to begin the path God has for you and you listen for Him to speak to your heart. My prayer for you is for you to enter into a rich relationship such as you have never experienced before with your Heavenly Father.

Begin reading today:


Whatever day of the month it is start reading that chapter number in the book of Psalms. For example, if it is the first day of the month read Ps.1. After reading Ps. 1, add 30 to it and read it, and add 30 again until you come to the end of Psalms. For Example:

First Day: Ps. 1, 31, 61, 91, & 121

Second Day: Ps. 2, 32, 62, 92, & 122

On the day you come to Ps. 119, skip over it. If the month has 31 days, you will read Ps. 119 only on that day. Reading the Psalms this way will allow you to read them through in a month. You will be surprised how you will need just the chapters for what you might be facing on that day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Talking with a wife recently she shyly commented, “Don’t you think we can Agree to Disagree”? I said, “Glad you ask”! My husband Phil says, “if two people always agree one of them is not necessary”. Promising to send information to her on this subject, I got the idea to pull out my Journal and use some notes on “Working Our Way Through Disagreement”. We all could use this as a reminder to keep our marriage sweet!

Sometimes marital battles will happen and keeping your cool seems nearly impossible. Disagreements WILL happen. There is a way to have a healthy discussion concerning an issue. Resolutions can be accomplished with out one or the other walking away feeling “run over”, “put down” or “just plain NOT HEARD”. Couples can have civil discussions reaching the goal of resolving an issue. When you don’t agree, try these steps and reach out with the gift of Grace.

1. Count to ten before you open your mouth. Think about what you are about to say. Think..., "What effect will my words have?"

2. When expressing your point of view use, "I feel...,"I believe...," or "I think..." Avoid "you" messages. " You" messages sound accusatory and may put the other person on the defensive. If you are asking the other person to change his/her behavior, describe the behavior you would like to see changed and indicate how their present behavior causes you to feel. An example: "I feel angry/hurt when you don't consider my opinions. It makes me think you don't respect my feelings."
3. Avoid saying “never” or “always”. These words bring up the past and elevate emotion. Instead, focus on the immediate problem.

4. Confront wisely and in love. Don’t confront in front of others----even when it’s difficult to keep silent. Good instructions are found in Ephesians 4:29 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearer.
5. Love and forbear. Remember that your spouse has faults and so do you. But you married each other. Forgive and then move on. Extend to your spouse the unconditional forgiveness that God extends to you.

What better place can two people practice Christian Principles? In the marriage relationship you have the best place to “life out” God’s plan. The result is Peace and Harmony. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all used these in our life and marriage?