Friday, August 27, 2010


Birthday Celebration and Vacation all in one week and HAD TO COME HOME, just unpacked the last of the last stuff from our home on wheels. I used a forth of what I took, why do I do that? I sit here sweating and my tired is tired! All that stuff is stuffed back in its place and now what? I am dreaming of the next time we can go. I look at my calendar and it makes me tired just thinking about what’s ahead on my crowded schedule for the next three weeks. I HEAR YOU! I hear you saying BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! I know I hate whining too!

OK! Enough of that, I must move on and glean on the past days of blest, visiting with our friends as we sat around watching time go by, experiencing the moment. Now let me think…what is wrong with “getting” to come home to a nice place with a “killer” view of beautiful mountain ranges? You know what comes to my mind right now? Holy Spirit is working on me and I feel like I must listen. We are told in the Scriptures by Paul to be “content” and you know what? He wrote it from a prison cell in total confinement. He had to be so uncomfortable and cold and miserable but he still said this, in Philippians 4:11 teachings to “be content” no matter what our circumstances are. Listen, it goes like this, "I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content". The Amplified Bible describes being content as "satisfied to the point where you are not disturbed or disquieted". Now don’t you want to get to that place?... I do!

With a change of mind right here and now, I claim that I am content to be home and start another time of planning, studying, learning, cleaning, caring for the needs of those around me, taking some time out for me, spending quality time with Father, taking one day at a time, allowing Holy Spirit to use my gifts, studying the Word so I will be aware of the scriptures that apply like the one today that came just in time to arrest my downward spiral of despair. Oh how close I came to having a pity party!!! I think it will be a good idea if you and I make a checklist of those things we gripe about so easily and start practicing “being content” in what ever is in our path. I think I will use my mental image of Paul in that cold cell when he wrote this verse and just think it lives on today and is being used today. It was for me and you I hope…Thanks Paul!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


….from this “rat-race” we have been in! But…. last Sunday after church we had our RV packed and ready to head out to Maggie Valley, NC for a campground that is nestled in the mountains where quite resides and lazy is permitted. We are on Lot#65 in this place and that is all I have to remember when I walk away to hear the sounds of nature or drive into the neatest little town of Waynesville. When I am finished all I have to do is go to my numbered place, sit in my chair and feel the wind in my hair and the sounds of the birds in the trees. The ducks are swimming pass me, quacking like that are saying something to me as they look over. Maybe they are saying, “hope you are enjoying this as much as we are”. You know what? WE ARE and how timely is this!

I don’t like to post too much for you to read as you pass by but this morning this came to my attention making me feel like it was a message from God saying we are needing to slow down and let the “main thing be the main thing”. I just had to share this with you as I read it. It made me see the importance of slowing down and what a good place to “hear” and “get” the message sitting right here by the creek. The picture placed here today is just what I am looking at right now. Look at it, take a deep breath and relax with me, why don’t you?....

And at your convenience read this and how it applies to where you are living today. I would file it away somewhere to look at it often so you want forget to take “TIME OUT” when you get back in that fast lane…..

A Needed Pit Stop
by Charles R. Swindoll
Hebrews 12:1-2
Is time passing faster, or am I just getting older? Can this really be the last hurrah of the summer? School can't actually be starting already, can it? I feel like swapping my calendar for a stopwatch.
Today I have decided to slow down long enough to stop the blur and look. Not just to look, but to see. As Yogi Berra once said, "You can observe a lot just by watching."
Sometimes it helps to open life's door slowly and secretively take a long gaze inside. On other occasions, it's better to jerk it open unannounced, slam on the light, and get a quick read. I've been doing the latter today, and I don't like what I see. My sudden glance has flushed out all sorts of critters.
Too many involvements 
Intensity level much too high 
Time to pray, to think, to plan, to play is still too rushed 
Midget worries turning into imaginary monsters 
Living life too predictable . . . not enough creativity 
Days off interrupted by needless, low-priority stuff 
Skating across relationships---need to dig deeper 
Extracurricular reading not sufficiently stimulating
I know of no better strategy for stopping such an ugly, rat-infested existence than deliberately pulling off the racetrack and taking periodic pit stops to refuel, renew, refresh, and recover. Let me level with you. Your pace is your problem and my pace is mine. We got ourselves into this maddening race, and each one of us is personally responsible for the speed at which we're driving ourselves.
If you can say, "I've sinned. The pace I'm keeping is not healthy---spiritually, mentally, or physically. It's not what I want, but it's my own doing," then I urge you to do so---and then do something about changing it.
I can't promise instant and total transformation, but I can assure you of this: It will be the most unusual pit stop you'll ever make. You'll not only get your tank filled, you'll also get your rats killed!
Do you think you should take that needed pit stop to refuel, renew, refresh, and recover so you can reenter the race and run with diligence?

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What is a story? You have a story; it is what has happened through out your life that has made you. It could have been what was “done” to you or what was not “done” for you meeting the needs to build character allowing you to have the best life or it could have been “cruddy” either way you still have a story and it is what you do with it that counts. You can give back to others so this world can be a better place as you give yours away. You can make a mark while you are here on your journey passing through.

So what’s yours? I like to motivate people to Journal. Writing about what is going on in the here and now, it is so beneficial. Events and feelings are documented and it’s good for later research or to see what was going happening on a certain day or year. You can take a look at your life as it unfolds. Some people feel it is so horrible they don’t want to put such on paper…go ahead it’s healing and you can change the names to protect the innocent or put the names down to tell the truth.

When I journal, feelings come out that I wasn’t aware of. Just the other day, I was looking through one of my 10 journals. In one of my first, so it was 19 years ago I had written something that spoke back to me like stroke of lighten. A side note here, I like to use a 5-subject spiral notebook. It works well for a good while. You should see mine, I’ve taped all kind of things on the front and inside…and love it! I could not get over how I had matured as I read what happened back in Oct of 1991. An event that was life changing had happened, it had the potential to cause a major detour for Phil and me. During that time, I noticed we had used good judgment while we were in a “holding pattern” waiting always has been hard for me. But we were “hanging tough” as the winds blew strong across our being and we were not destroyed by it, we came out for
the better, as I looked back. Prayer was the key element while we tried to stay on course walking in the Spirit and not after the Flesh. I was able to read the details of those very dark days that went on and on. I thought we would never get to the other side, as we said later, it was like walking though a “mine field” on the battleground of life!!! I know how I was feeling in those moments back then, not wanting to put those things on paper, but I did. I’m so glad, now they are used as a reminder to see how God’s hand was faithful and how Holy Spirit guided us when we couldn’t see the light of day.

I am a fanatic about Journaling; in fact, you might want to look back at my post on May 6th of this year. I share more thoughts on the subject with a different slant. Don’t forget to notice my sweet friend Lisa Inlow’s comment at the bottom about her experience, you can see I am not the only one enjoying this valuable life activity.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


“Get up it’s time to start to school” that’s the words said around the country this week and the weeks following. Where did the summer go? The suntan oil, the beach balls, the fishing polls, shopping Malls just hanging out, and on and on the summer fun is for now, put on hold till next year.

It’s time for a new teacher, meeting new friends… some good, some well OK…to put up with until one day you have to tell it like it is. Hate it when that happens!

For the teachers, what do you think they are going through? Questions like how many students will I have this year? Will they all get along and learn what I have put so many hours into to prepare them for the rest of their lives? What a big responsibility!

I read this today in one of my emails about Those Special Ones who stand in front of the classroom for hours, week after week, about 175 days a year. Who stand before those lives molding them to become all they can be. It just makes me appreciate how one day they answered the call, being educated to educate and to take on such a challenge.

The writer said this…..“I've never had a strong desire to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong. I admire tremendously those who teach. It was a teacher in junior high who taught me to love science. It was a teacher in high school who got me hooked on history. Another teacher helped me overcome stuttering and learn how to speak in public . . . how to think on my feet . . . how to pace the delivery of words . . . how to use humor. And it was yet another teacher who passed along the practical techniques I still use in digging pearls out of scriptural oysters.” So, let me firmly establish this fact: I am deeply indebted to several teachers. If you teach, be encouraged! You probably have no idea how great a contribution you are making.

Now when you see a teacher, stop and say “Thanks”, they just might need to hear it, to be reminded that they are so valuable. Think about it…they are a part of the world system taking it to a bigger and better place as their work goes into a mind and then that person takes it on to discover anything from an Atom to a Skyscraper, to a Space Ship to go in Space. So Mom or Dad, in the morning when you go into that room and turn on the light and say, "Come on it's time to get up" know it is bigger than you realize....Education what a gift!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Been quite for days stopped in my tracks. I hadn’t wanted to write because I was disturbed about something but didn’t know what it was, ever been there? I heard your YES! I discovered what mine was and it was BIG. I had tried to carry it all by myself; it was a concern that had been stuck somewhere. I don’t know where, somewhere in my being, maybe in my Soul where my Mind/Emotion/Will resides. Anyway, it was controlling me bringing me slowly down. It was like a weight controlling me, until yesterday I said “Lord I can not carry this any longer and released it to Him”. I said, “I GIVE UP” I instantly could feel the take over as He took it. I am reminded here of a verse we have read many times, but today I feel like I am “owning” it or that I wear it! I know this is for someone out there facing the same thing. You read it so you can see for yourself…..

Hebrews 12:1-3 (King James Version) 1Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 2Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. WILL YOU SAY WITH ME? I DON’T’ WANT TO FAINT…I WILL NOT FAINT!

Today I checked my email and got this. I love reading Devotionals seems to be timely today. I have to share this one with you.

Releasing Impossibilities by Charles R. Swindoll....Matthew 6:25-34
When you face an impossibility, leave it in the hands of the Specialist! Refuse to calculate. Refuse to doubt. Refuse to work it out by yourself. Refuse to worry or encourage others to worry. Stand against that.
Instead, say, "Lord, I'm carrying around something I cannot handle. Because You are not only able but also willing, take this off my hands. It's impossible to me, but is as nothing with You." Persevering through the pressures of impossibilities calls for that kind of confidence.
Now, our problem is that we hold on to our problems. If your Swiss watch stops working, you don't sit down at home with a screwdriver and start working on it yourself. You take it to a specialist.
The problem is that the Lord gets all the leftovers after we try to fix things ourselves. We make all the mistakes and get things tied into granny knots, then dump it in His lap and say, "Here, Lord."
No! Right at first, say, "It's impossible; I can't handle it, Lord. Before I foul it up, it's Yours." He is able to handle it. But we don't usually give God those chances to "fix" it. We are so totally (and sinfully) confident in ourselves that we don't give God the chance to do what He is a real Specialist at doing.
If something is humanly impossible, then what in the world are we doing trying to pull it off?

Hope you glean from my sharing today. Ok……so I will leave you alone with Him now and you can give Him that thing you have been carrying. That load that has been so heavy! He wants to talk to you….

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This one is for you girls but you guys can read it, maybe you can get some understanding of what we face as females. You may be a young woman who can reach out to a friend facing these challenges. We are seeing women go through this around age 50 but as I read articles, some are stating that women are getting younger facing it in their 30’s. I know one thing I felt there could be someone out there that can use this information so here it goes…….

Girls, you might be just meeting her, you may know her by seeing her visit one of your friends or relatives, or you could be telling her “good-bye and good riddance”, any way you slice it if you are a female, you will know her one way or another! In plan words, it is the time in your life you cannot explain, it comes and goes or hangs around more than you like and it is called Menopause. You can look at it in one of two ways; it can be your enemy or your friend. The latter is the best choice to get you through the channel…

Here’s my story I wrote to a special friend, recently. “I am sensing you are going through some difficulty and maybe feeling lonely, like no one understands, but I do. I’ve been there at about your age and things were coming at me all at the same time. The boys were growing up, not needing me anymore. Phil was gone working at the church most of the time as the duty of the pastor, in a building program raising money to build and even driving the bulldozer grading the land to build the building, he had to do all things because he felt he could do them better than anyone else...his burnout came soon after and he was not able to do anything...that was scary! Mother had died and I missed her extremely she was my buddy, my sounding board I could talk to her, she knew me like no one else did. Dad had quit his drinking. I wasn’t second to the bottle anymore so we were enjoying our relationship that was growing leaps and bounds making up for lost time, and he died one night in his sleep. I then escaped in the role of the Pastor’s wife and it became my Identity. Phil resigned and I lost my ID as the First Lady of the Church!! Needless to say, I was swirling down experiencing great losses and had no way out, I felt trapped…

Then " Minnie Pause " moved in, the doctor put me on HRT for my mood swings. Depression set in so per his nurse, I was told I needed to up my dose, which then caused me to be over prescribed. I ended up in the hospital with Ischemic colitis, for a week. I collapsed ending in total despair. I was so exhausted my medical doctor keep me there, he had followed my story and knew I could use the rest. It had been the perfect storm!

Ok! You say I hear you so what do I do? Glad you ask! It’s time to teach you to become PRO-ACTIVE about all the things concerning you and your health. It is called being RESPONSIBLE! I learned long ago I was in charge of me when it comes to my personal issues and especially health. I had to discover what I needed to take care of me, the unique person God made. We are all different and for that reason we’re not all in the same box. I researched, reading through articles on this change my life. I was different and had to come off HRT so I had to go on natural supplements. I went to my local Health Food Store, Rainbow in Decatur, GA at the time, now it is Ken’s Herbs in Blairsville, GA. I got lots of information on Hormone creams and diet. Today I wear out Goggle, I Goggle everything what a great invention!

On this side of that “great event” in my life I am learning that it is a benefit to go through this passageway to get to the better life. One word of advice, don’t give up. I began feeling like I had a person inside that would take over when I wanted to lay and quit and this person would not let me give up. I like to think of it as my champion or it might even be Holy Spirit but I know this is a caring for me that keeps me on track. Grow in your relationship with Father allowing Him to hold you in those moments you hurt so badly feeling no one cares and you want to give up. You will make it becoming the woman fully developed in Spirit, Soul and Body enjoying life to it’s fullest!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Don’t know about you but this has been the hottest summer I have experienced in a long time. Before long we will be so cold and I just know I will be wishing we had warm weather back, but not today.

Never forget as a child playing in the yard on hot days, always having fun. The dirt would be so dry I would come inside and mother would say, “My goodness child let me put you in the tub.” She would run the water and put some dish soap in to make bubbles. I even remember how I liked seeing the Ivory soap float on top just like the commercial said. Never will forge its smell. The window would be open in the bathroom; the wind would blow the curtains, as a gust of wind would come in. What a fresh smell! I would come out feeling all clean inside and out.

That reminded of the times I spend in my Quite Time as I fellowship with our Abba Father. I read the Word and it feels just like a bath washing away the dirt of the day. John 15:3 even says, “Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.” Have you ever felt it? You come away with a freshness knowing you have spent time with Father as He has Holy Spirit communicate in your Spirit those things He wants you to know. The cleansing of the Word does wonders for a wary Soul that has trudged through this world each day….

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Tortoise and the Hare is an old fable. The story concerns a hare that ridicules a slow-moving tortoise and is challenged by him to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, decides to take a nap midway through the course. When he awakes, however, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him. The meaning is morally problematic and the story has been interpreted in a variety of ways over the centuries but I think we can learn something from both these creatures.

My niece Stacey sent me these two pictures she took behind her house. It made me think how both the Turtle and the Rabbit are so different. Just like us we are so different. I wrote about Mary and Martha the other day and their different personalities they are so opposite just like the two creatures God created. One will jump from place to place back and forth never stopping much. The other is persistent as it crawls ever so slowly moving ahead to get to where it’s going. Hum! Reminds me of seeing one lonely little turtle crossing the highway the other day, going so slowly never knowing my car was coming as I tried to dodge that hard shell with legs lopping along. “Whew He made it!”, I said as I looked back to see if he was smashed flat on the road.

Don’t you think we need to be more like the Turtle? But sometimes like the Hare? Both are created for a reason and each do their own thing. Acceptance is the key. Just accept your self just like God made you. I might have a little extra squirt of juice moving from one place to the next. Or you might say, I am one who moves forward slowly step by step. It takes all kinds to make up this world. I am so glad we are different. It would be boring if we were all alike. There’s always room for improvement, working on those things that hold us behind or moving us so fast we might not think things through causing us to make bad choices. Balance is a good thing; we can blend the two and have both to benefit us.

Just a side note: One thing Stacey told me, she likes to sit and watch the Turtles. They act like people rushing to get “their” spot on the log, acting out in Aggression, pushing and shoving. I would think there might be one that gets taken advantage of and doesn’t know how to take up for himself …it’s called Being Assertive…hum… that gives me a seed thought you might look for that to come up soon as I write my thoughts to you….

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Recently on FB someone that I respect and read put a comment out about Repentance.
In his teaching, he can explain so well the working out of the Christian life. I don’t usually comment on someone’s entry if they are well known. If you do, well you know how it is, later my iPhone makes a “ding” every time someone responds, but I did and it has gone off a “thousand times”!!! This time I just had to chime in, read his response as I share it here. You certainly can understand him well because he is so gifted in using “word pictures”. It will allow you as the student, to see it and get it.

His original statement: “We are indeed to "repent of our sin" and there's only one way to do that. Repentance means a complete change of our mind. We must do a 180-degree about-face in thinking that we still need forgiveness and begin to recognize the truth that our sins ARE forgiven already. There's our repentance. That, and that alone, is the only catalyst that will truly change the way we act. Want to confess your sin? Then do it this way: "Thank God! My sins have been forgiven and taken away!" That's New Covenant confession. Repentance is not some sort of religious behavior modification.

Here is my comment on Repentance: “Repentance is agreeing with Father as I confess my wrong, knowing Jesus paid it all and it is FINISHED I am FORGIVEN, as Holy Spirit convicts me of who I am, not of what I have done like "shame on you"...thanks for allowing Holy Spirit to share with us via you, in your easy to understand way it has taught me so much now will you grade me on the above?”

This is his response to mine: “Mary - if my Father isn't in the grading business, why would I? He gave you a 100% score already, so I won't dispute Him on that :) I like your point that the Holy Spirit "convicts me of who I am..." I think that, as He does that, and we confess what is "right", the "wrong" will just drop away like dead leaves off a tree as the Gentle Wind blows across it.”

Wow! Did you hear what he just said?...You need to read it again, he said, “the Holy Spirit "convicts me of who I am..." I think that, as He does that, and we confess what is "right", the "wrong" will just drop away like dead leaves off a tree as the Gentle Wind blows across it.”

How much better can it get? My heart is full as I think of how God has provided everything we need to live on this earth until He brings us home or He comes for us! We have His Life and He has even told us, "I have come that you might have life and even more abundantly!" WOW.... let the Gentle Wind blow over my life....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Why do we need fragrance in this world? It exercises one of our senses; our nose will send a message to our brain...Ah! that smell so good! There are good smells and bad smells. As we walk in the spirit, our lives will give out a sweet fragrance. It causes those in our presence to want more of what they smell. What kind of fragrance are you to the world around you? When one leaves your presence, do they go away saying, “What was that sweet aroma?” I want to be a sweet fragrance allowing my life to take the message of Jesus where ever I go, how about you? According to the scripture we do that, as we walk in the Spirit. 11 Cor. 2:15 “A sweet savor of Christ. This fragrant odor of the gospel was diffused both among the saved and the unsaved.”

One time when our son, Phillip was a young boy he went in a store with me. I wanted to buy a new perfume. You could get any fragrance you wanted in this place, if they didn’t have it on the shelf, they would make it for you. As we walked in the store he said loudly, “what is that I smell?” The sales lady looked at him and said, "you have got to be kidding me", but he was serious. We are all different fragrances but we all make up one sweet aroma in the nostrils of our God. I sometimes sit and let my mind wonder about what God must think about our worship. How He must love the sweet smell his children give to him. The scripture tells us our worship releases a fragrance to the nostrils of God. Genesis 8:20-21….”And the Lord smelled a soothing aroma.” The word here for smelled, is ruach, “to perceive, to enjoy, smell”.

Don’t know about you, but this makes me want to worship Him each day, giving Him my undivided attention. I will never forget one time, I got the idea I would pack a bag and go over to our guesthouse where everyone enjoys staying. I would take a few days to enjoy a quite retreat. It was raining so I thought; I can play “let’s pretend” and have Phil to put my bags in the car like I had arrived at the airport. I even sat in the backseat as he drove me out of our garage into the garage of the guesthouse and he placed my bags inside. (I am laughing so hard as I type this thinking how sweet my husband was that day to play along with me cooperating with my plan, he is the best!!!)

I unpacked and got all settled in with my Bible, journal and pen. Sitting on the sofa, soft music playing in the background, candles burning like I like them, I looked over and saw some dust on the floor. I jumped up and took care of it right away. While at the trashcan, I noticed we were low on paper towels and toilet tissue in the cabinet? I ran downstairs and brought them back up. After several maintenance issues later, I walked by my spot of perfect solitude. Suddenly my short attention span was arrested and I was reminded of my purpose for coming. In my heart, I could hear, "Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things; there is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her" (Luke 10:38-42).

I must say, with tears I ran back to my spot and continued where I had left off when I pushed “the pause button”. How patient Father is with us as we wonder away toward something that distracts us so easily. I think Mary practiced “single-mindedness” as she went about, having those around her smell a sweet smelling savor. Can you smell it?.... I can…..

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I got up this morning feeling YUCKY! What about you? It happens from time to time maybe it’s that female thing or from not being aware of those things that get us down before we know it called “Stinking Thinking”. I checked my email that came in over night. It is from a friend, as I read it I thought she is reading my mind. I ask her permission to post it so you could see it as well. She is transparent with her feelings and you can see how she worked through it. As I read it lifted me right up out of my negative feelings! I have noticed this pattern before, today we have a couple that’s just checked in our guest house for the 2-day Kairos program here at Safe Place. I got a feeling the enemy would like to distract me from the work Father has planned for us to do in seeing this couple leave knowing the Truth and be set free from the bondages that bind them. I feel a turnaround, as I have been made aware of what’s going on. Hum! God can use emails too! Hope this blesses you as it did me it’s fresh off the press from a sweet child of God. Notice how she takes charge of this battle in her mind and overcomes by replacing those thoughts with the Truth! Hope it speaks to you as it did me …….

So I share with you the words of my friend:
Sometimes the lies and the demons consume me. I'm not enough. No one could ever love me. I'll always be alone. Your life will not matter. You will always be a disappointment and failure. Just give it up. They go on and on. I fight them off as long as possible until I'm so tired of fighting that they almost overwhelm me to a point of despair. But amazingly Christ always steps in right when I'm about to break. He reminds me "It is finished". I don't have to fight anymore. He has already won, therefore I have won. I am enough. I am dearly loved. I matter. I don't need to fight, all I need to do is run to Dad. Not run to friends, or men, or drugs, or television, or computers, or any other distraction, just Dad. Letting Him consume me, embrace me, love me, fulfill me. Oh how much time I waste trying to do it on my own. How much time I waste letting myself be distracted by everything else in the world except for spending time with the One who is my life and who matters most. I've always thought not wasting my life was going to the mission field and working for God, but I've missed the whole point. Not wasting your life is by having it consumed with Christ. Every thought, action, second is consumed with Christ and out of that will flow a life that counts for the cause of Christ. Christ is what will change the world, not me. It's not what I can do, but what Christ can do. How can He do anything if I ignore Him and don't spend time with Him! I shutter at the thought of continuing to be a missionary who works for Christ without Him, instead of a child of God so in love with Him that His love and life shines to everyone I come in contact with. God is opening my eyes to things in new ways, and I wanted to share. Sometimes I'm scared that I'm just making it all up, that all of this is completely crazy, and I'm slowly losing my mind, but if that's true I think I like being crazy. Alright, I think I'm done now. Thanks for reading my rambling. I love you both more than you know. :) I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

MY REPORT: I did have a good Sunday one of the best in a long time and I hope you did too! Good Night my Friend!