Sunday, August 1, 2010


I got up this morning feeling YUCKY! What about you? It happens from time to time maybe it’s that female thing or from not being aware of those things that get us down before we know it called “Stinking Thinking”. I checked my email that came in over night. It is from a friend, as I read it I thought she is reading my mind. I ask her permission to post it so you could see it as well. She is transparent with her feelings and you can see how she worked through it. As I read it lifted me right up out of my negative feelings! I have noticed this pattern before, today we have a couple that’s just checked in our guest house for the 2-day Kairos program here at Safe Place. I got a feeling the enemy would like to distract me from the work Father has planned for us to do in seeing this couple leave knowing the Truth and be set free from the bondages that bind them. I feel a turnaround, as I have been made aware of what’s going on. Hum! God can use emails too! Hope this blesses you as it did me it’s fresh off the press from a sweet child of God. Notice how she takes charge of this battle in her mind and overcomes by replacing those thoughts with the Truth! Hope it speaks to you as it did me …….

So I share with you the words of my friend:
Sometimes the lies and the demons consume me. I'm not enough. No one could ever love me. I'll always be alone. Your life will not matter. You will always be a disappointment and failure. Just give it up. They go on and on. I fight them off as long as possible until I'm so tired of fighting that they almost overwhelm me to a point of despair. But amazingly Christ always steps in right when I'm about to break. He reminds me "It is finished". I don't have to fight anymore. He has already won, therefore I have won. I am enough. I am dearly loved. I matter. I don't need to fight, all I need to do is run to Dad. Not run to friends, or men, or drugs, or television, or computers, or any other distraction, just Dad. Letting Him consume me, embrace me, love me, fulfill me. Oh how much time I waste trying to do it on my own. How much time I waste letting myself be distracted by everything else in the world except for spending time with the One who is my life and who matters most. I've always thought not wasting my life was going to the mission field and working for God, but I've missed the whole point. Not wasting your life is by having it consumed with Christ. Every thought, action, second is consumed with Christ and out of that will flow a life that counts for the cause of Christ. Christ is what will change the world, not me. It's not what I can do, but what Christ can do. How can He do anything if I ignore Him and don't spend time with Him! I shutter at the thought of continuing to be a missionary who works for Christ without Him, instead of a child of God so in love with Him that His love and life shines to everyone I come in contact with. God is opening my eyes to things in new ways, and I wanted to share. Sometimes I'm scared that I'm just making it all up, that all of this is completely crazy, and I'm slowly losing my mind, but if that's true I think I like being crazy. Alright, I think I'm done now. Thanks for reading my rambling. I love you both more than you know. :) I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

MY REPORT: I did have a good Sunday one of the best in a long time and I hope you did too! Good Night my Friend!

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  1. I'm so glad your friend gave you the okay to share her words. I loved the reminder, "it is FINISHED"! WOW - Praise the Lord for this!