Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What a great trip we had seeing our wonderful country along the way. Traveling by car you can stop when you want and see things, meeting people in the area. We left Nov. 29th early with our car packed so tight we hardly had room for ourselves. Our Durango did a good job on a long trip like this one. We put 3000+ miles on the ‘ole sista” this time. It was our house the whole way during the day and by night sat waiting for our return to take us where we needed to go.

We finally arrived at Word of Life, Schroon Lake, NY three days after we left the barn. This trip was a real test to see how well Phil would do after the discovery last year of the WG, as we call it. The old stuff lurks around but can’t bring us down. Phil did great the whole way we didn’t see any signs of the disease and haven’t since we have returned home. It was a test to see how well he is doing, because he certainly pushed it hard driving the whole trip, even though I offered to share it. And then being with 52 Missionary couples at their Staff Conference at WOL, which was awesome!!!

We met so many new friends and saw so many sights. For years we made the same trip up and back but something was different this time. You know when life becomes “fragile” and you think you want be able to make it, then your life is renewed and you do it takes on new meaning. The air you breathe takes on a new value, your eyes seems to see clearer, the sense of smell of fresh air is crisp and your feelings become much more positive not allowing negativity to take up any space of what had been so sanitized! No more will I give in to those things that have the tendency to be “anti” to what I believe and have learned the hard way. Life is so unique and who are we to abuse it after our Creator made the choice to place us here on this earth to have LIFE!

So back to the thought, “this earth” One place I just love is my favorite Lighthouse. While traveling in Maine, you can follow Route 9, as it hugs the Coast, all the way down from Portland to Kittery. At one point driving through this “absolutely gorgeous” area, you can see the beautiful Mansions owned by the wealthiest. Then you come upon the famous Nubble Light House. I remember the first time I saw it, I had only seen it on my checks in my checkbook of a selection of famous places in the USA. I was thrilled to stand in front of it and have my picture made. Felt and looked like a “country bumpkin”, I just know it!

I feel like as a gift from my Heavenly Father He takes me back often cause He knows I like it. I can’t count the times we have returned to that spot. I have pictures of it in the snow, decorated for Christmas and even one time we happened up on an Irish Wedding taking place right in front of it’s beauty so we got right in the wedding party as though we knew the people because we all liked this same place and felt a part of the family.

The picture here was taken Dec. 11, 2010. It was our 49th Wedding Anniversary and was my wish to return there. It was so cold, but we got out of our car and as always looked for someone to take our picture. This time it was a young couple that lived near by. I wanted to ask if they lived on one those big houses on the coast but I didn’t. The kind man took our picture as his wife told us how he likes to drive over each day to check on it. Oh! How nice it would be to just get in the car and drive over, hope they don’t take their life for “granite” like we tend to do. That’s the same thing I was taking about earlier, think about it!.....

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  1. Mary, So glad you had a great trip. I love keeping up with you. I pray you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
    Tami Wing
    New Hope