Monday, May 23, 2011


You looking for some help with keeping your  EMOTIONS UNDER CONTROL?  I know you can could use it…. I know we girls need a lesson on emotions, and men do too, they just don’t know it, sorry guys but it’s true!

Last month we attended an annual meeting of Life Coaches/Counselors, it was very productive and meaningful time. It was beneficial to catch up on what’s going on in our worlds. Each year we gather, catch up on the latest issues and see how we are doing in our own ministries, this economy thing has thrown a curve but I think it has been a good thing…makes you stop and take inventory on how you are spending your time and money. We all need that… God is not surprised by all the world’s issues that’s for sure!!!

One ministry, *Scope Ministries in Oklahoma City, OK, shared a session on "Emotions" and how to manage them. They shared their approach with their clients concerning Handling Emotions.  We received a pocket size card with very good information.  I want to pass it on to you. It’s simple but valuable for anyone to take along, as you might need it now or in the future.


MESSENGERS - Emotions are messengers of internal beliefs about God, self and others. Emotions remind us of our need to relate to God and see life from His perspective.

MESSY - When they seem more true than God’s Word. Emotions are messy when they become the final authority in our life, controlling our beliefs and behavior.

MANAGEABLE - The REED process is continuous and life-long. For our emotions to be manageable we must relate to God and allow Him to renew our minds with Truth.


R- ecognize- your Emotions! Ask God to show you what emotions you are feeling.

E- xpress - your Emotions To God! He already knows them.  "I’m so mad I would…"

E- valuate- your Emotions In Light of God’s Word! Are my emotions in charge? What do they reflect about my beliefs?

D– cide- to Replace Your Thinking and Behavior With God’s Truth!

The above acrostic is a good tool to help live out each day guarding our mind and EMOTIONS. It encourages a healthy mindset allowing us to walk in the light and not darkness, enjoying each moment…. making a difference! Go have a good week… YOU CAN…..

*You might want to visit Scope at

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