Monday, June 13, 2011


That’s a quote from Yogie Berra’s many quotes. It says volumes; we use it with a laugh and say “well duhaaaa”. But it is so true when you think of this verse of Scripture I read today. Read over it and see what you think. It made me look around seeing things differently….Psalm 19:1-2 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge”.

I’m blessed to live in the mountains; all around you see these God created mountain majesties standing tall. Some have trails running across them, like the famous Appalachian Trail leading to the state of Maine. In the spring, these huge mounds turn a mint green as the leaves return on the bare trees of winter. You look forward to the days ahead as they turn a dark green in time for the summer months. In a few months the colors of fall appear, making you think those mountains have been decorated for a party before they leave for the winter months that come around again for a long nights rest. The heavens above are talking to us…. can you hear it?

If you were visiting our home, we would go out on the porch, find a rocker to get ready for the spectacular sunset of the evening. Its a display like you cannot imagine, with each night never being the same as the one before or ahead. You wait as the time gets closer, then it starts. Last night the sun was a big orange ball of light. I paused thinking; it had worked all day giving us daylight. The pictures shared here are for you to enjoy with me. The sky turned a pale blue with a light pink reflecting off the few clouds. As it set down over the ridges out before us, it lowered at a speed you think you can see, but it is as if it is not moving but before you know it, its gone. The sky will take on rays of brilliant colors illuminating off the clouds that lay out before you. Sometimes I feel like I can reach out and touch one. The show doesn’t end; as you look close you can begin to see airplanes going across the sky but you can’t hear them. The light from the setting sun will make a streak in the sky which is the condensation trail left behind jet aircrafts called Contrails. After all this surprise performance, you might see me stand and applaud saying, “Yay…. God You did good… again!” Read our verse again, slow down and be in the audience for the sunset tonight. Let it declare who He is…. WOW! Just think about it!!!…

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