Wednesday, June 22, 2011


........I will trust in WHOSE I AM! The following is a quote a pastor/teacher put out and it really spoke to me. He is gifted in teaching Identity Truths, and is transparent as he shares. I love it when someone shares something about himself or herself that makes good word pictures for the learner. We’re able to grow with it, like a step to climb on.

John Lynch said this….
“When I get freaked out my way home is this: "Wait, I know who I am. Whatever just happened does not define me. I'm not here, with God out there." All my weight is on this: Christ is in John Lynch! I've been totally fused with all of God to face this day. I'm not begging for God to come do something. I'm trusting He's already shown up in me! Then the pastel hues of home begin to form again in my heart.”

Whew! That’s good stuff! We can “hang with” that!!! My first thought when I read these words brought another thought to my mind and it’s the title of today’s post, WHEN MY EYES AND EARS LIE TO ME. I got that saying from my friend Linda, you remember, I wrote about her Jan 3rd 2011 in a post. She would say, “Remember, the enemy will try to put things out there and it will go through your ear gate or eye gate and try to move you off the Truth.” And I say, “If it is not the Truth, you will know it in your heart, thank You Holy Spirit!!! My thought process always goes to the next thought that seals it and puts a The End to it….The Truth is Always What God says No Matter How I Feel! Amen and Amen!

Today’s Truths you can take to the bank that’s for sure. Did you notice how many exclamation points I used today? Can you tell I am excited about this message? I KNOW IT WORKS!!!.... I have been there and done that…… IT WORKS!!!!… And remember You Know Whose You Are...I'll never forget the day my friend Judy introduced me to this song, it has The Truth in it..listen and wear it in Victory Today!!!

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