Thursday, July 28, 2011


This morning I was thinking how I am enjoying the produce that is coming from the farmers surrounding us.  Had delicious cantaloupe with my breakfast this morning.  In a phone conversation with my brother this week he ask me if I had a breakfast like our mother would make for us kids?  I answered, “no” I had forgotten all about it.  We lived on a tight budget so she would make toast in the oven with butter sliced thin on the four corners and one in the middle put it under the broiler and it would come out toasted just right as she watched it closely. "You just can't beat oven toast", my husband says. Then a big bowl of sliced cold cantaloupe would be placed in the middle of the table.  We would help ourselves to that good taste combination and get our bellies full.  Well what do you think I had for breakfast this morning?

Still thinking about the wonderful gardens in our area and getting to attend our local farmers market this Saturday morning I happen to see a picture a friend of mine had put on facebook it was so pretty I copied it to put here for you to see.

I got to see her later in the day telling her I copied the picture for my blog and what do you know!  The veggies in her picture she had gathered were to assemble in a gift basket for me. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?  Yes! Fresh from her garden, funny when I get a gift like this I look past the human hand that gave it to me and see it as a gift from Father.  That makes me think how glad I am she was sensitive to our needs letting Him use her hands to deliver it to us.  Got to cut this short and get in the kitchen…..  

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