Thursday, July 14, 2011


“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”  Psalms 116:15

Our town’s good friend Ken Young passed away today.  There’s sadness among us here like it always is when we lose one that passes on.  He was one good man, always making it possible for the ones who couldn’t afford his products in his store, and who knows what else good he did for others, only his Lord knows.  “It’s the blue building on the left or right”, which ever way you are going, that was our way to get our friends and family connected to him and all his products that would help you get healthy.  Ken’s Herbs, it’s the small place you could get stuck in if you were holding your full basket of vitamins he told you to get for anything you had wrong or could fight to keep you from having anything wrong.  I don’t know it for sure, but really I think it was his life, always studying about health to keep us healthy!

Wow! How we will miss Ken when we walk in that door, look to the right and say “Hey Ken” and hear him say back, “Hello, ha’u ?” Then for him to tell me just what I needed for what ailed me.  Well I have been sitting here in a grief state and it is like I heard him say “don’t do that over me, you stay healthy now…that’s what important” and that is what I want to do for him and use what he taught us to be kind and stay healthy so I can stay around and be kind like him….

I posted this the other day in another post but it came to mind again today. I read it recently after a young girl died way too early, it is well said, ““Many times we pray for God to heal someone or to keep him or her safe. Sometimes God chooses to make them perfect instead, and brings them home with him.”

Like someone said earlier about Ken who was a master at music, even a member of the Hall of Honor in the Atlanta Music Hall of Fame, “he is able to see and sing and play all the instruments he wants that are rarer than the ones he got a hold of here”...

The picture I placed here I would guess was the last time he sang at our courthouse with the Collins Brothers on June 20th.  He is the one smiling real big on the front row wearing his tie and red shirt holding his prize instrument….

We miss you Ken but wouldn't want you back here for the world... we'll see you one day!

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