Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So what a good time we had over the weekend celebrating the 4th of July this year. Today this 5TH day of July I begin thinking of how much summer we have left. It feels like the days will slip now into fall then winter again before we know it. It’s like down hill now and we had better enjoy them while we can….
My thoughts go to this SUMMER'S WEDDINGS, “Do you notice every weekend in these months there will be is a wedding”? Somewhere, some place, a
"Bride-to- be" is getting excited, all the preparation is done and about to come to an end, because the coming weekend will be the day she will put on that dress, carry that bouquet with the fresh flowers of choice and make her grand entrance. The bride’s maids will have their dresses all fitted to perfection and the guys have their tuxes because the special day is about to happen for the special couple. The Groom will be standing down at the altar waiting to see for the first time his beautiful Bride have the walk toward her prince charming. After vows said and “the kiss” the minister will announce…
“I now present to you, Mr and Mrs. _____” Then their life will begin….
Reading through my notes I found this prayer, from Max Lucado. I love his expressions in his writings. This is so appropriate for that day and the years ahead for anyone starting their lives together….

The Wedding Prayer
Create in us a love O Lord, an eternal love. Your love is a love that forgives any failure, 
 any distance, 
withstands any tempest. 
Create in us a love, O Lord, a new love, a fresh love, 
a love with the tenderness of a lamb, the grandeur of a mountain, the strength of a lion. And make us one. Intimately one. As you made a hundred colors into one sunset, A thousand cedars into one forest, and countless stars into one galaxy …
make our two hearts as one, 
Father, forever …
that you may be praised, Father, forever.
From Shaped by God / Max Lucado

SO years later this is still for you...This could be for anyone that is already married or planning one day to marry. When I read it, it made me take inventory of my own marriage after years together. Enjoy your life with the one you love….

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