Thursday, September 29, 2011


Look at the Characteristics of the Perfectionist and find out.  We see this in clients that come to our office especially with those in full time vocational ministry.  Seems to be a “breeding” ground for it.  Those who need approval are easily drawn into it.  So many demands and expectations, if we’re not confident in who we are and know what our purpose is with a plan, BTW!!!,we can become victim to the “P” word……
Perfectionism is the need to always be first or best, to always achieve and never make mistakes. It is common in our culture. Women, in particular, are susceptible to this problem. They have traditionally been taught the role of service to others and are highly vulnerable to the kind of perfectionist thinking that says they should always be helpful and gracious. Traditionally, women have assumed the homemaker role and worked to have the best-behaved children, the whitest laundry and the cleanest house on the block. Today's woman has more options, but despite the great strides that have been made in this arena, a woman's perception of herself is colored by what she learned as a child and by how society views her.
Men, too, are burdened by antiquated and limited notions of what a man should be. Their self worth is often based on a successful career and the ability to provide financially for their families. They may believe they must be the perfect husband and father to be worthwhile.
Perhaps you are thinking, "So what if I am a perfectionist?  I thought it was one of my strengths." While it is true that perfectionism can yield some positive results in the short-run, in the long-run it is self-defeating.

A perfectionist is likely to be characterized by several of the following:
  • An insatiable need for achievement;
  • A need to be indispensable;
  • No room allowed for mistakes in self or others;
  • Unrealistic expectations of self and others;
  • Impossible goals set for self and others;
  • Need for approval from everyone;
  • Concentration on failures;
  • Extreme competitiveness;
  • Fear of taking risks;
  • Procrastination, put it off until you can “do it right” !
  • Difficulty accepting criticism.

    These kinds of thinking and these behaviors cause a great deal of stress. To reduce the stress caused by perfectionism, you must learn to change your thinking patterns. Accept the truth that your mistakes do not devalue you. Recognize that mistakes can be a way to learn. Examine your thinking patterns to discover which thoughts are irrational and unnecessarily upsetting. For example, it is both irrational and upsetting to tell yourself that you must be perfect to be accepted by others.
    If you recognize that there is no truth in such statements, you can dispute these deceptive thoughts and change your thinking. This will help reduce upset feelings and the likelihood of getting into self-destructive thinking and behavior patterns.

Changing the Pattern

The following steps will help you change your thinking.
  • Identify the event or situation which causes stress. Be careful to include only facts.
  • Listen to your thoughts (self-talk) about the situation, and change them if they are unnecessarily upsetting you.
  • Identify the feelings you have about the situation. Do you feel angry, anxious, fearful, etc.?
  • Challenge your irrational, unrealistic or untruthful thoughts.
  • Learn to problem solve. Ask yourself if there is anything that can be done about the situation. List your options and choose the constructive actions that seem most workable.

    Knowing that we are engaging in self-defeating behaviors and actually changing those behaviors are two different things. Habits take time to form and it takes time and practice to change them. Research has revealed that it takes 21 continuous days of practicing a new behavior to break a habit. So don't become discouraged. In less than a month you can make significant progress toward changing your thinking patterns and reducing the stress in your life.


Monday, September 26, 2011


First saw this phrase from Max Lacado’s writings. Claiming this Truth is walking in trust that Father is keeping us safely in His Hand.  This verse comes to mind as a promise that supports that statement…..John 10:29 ... He is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father's hand.

As I read the following email from our friend Robin, I couldn’t help but think what faith she has as she is clinging to Him during her days of uncertainty. I want to share this information with you so you can see how He has guided her in the right direction and how this medical team is functioning on their end in Faith also! 

I just wanted to give an update on things. First of all, let me say what a MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!! He is Sovereign and I am so grateful that He has plans for my life - they are plans to prosper me and give me hope and a future.

After switching doctors to the Hope Women's Cancer Center (at the direction and mighty orchestration of God) I have a wonderful doctor named Ashley Case. She is very thorough and everyone at her office has been absolutely great. I have had several more biopsies and had a PET scan done this past Monday. These tests show that I have cancer in my cervix and that my right ovary is also involved. I am scheduled for surgery on September 8th at 8:30am at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. They will remove my cervix, surrounding tissues, right ovary, and lymph nodes.

I am believing God - that all has been revealed and now we know the plan of the enemy. While visiting my doctor for my pre-op appointment, my doctor's office helped in laying out a "battle plan". After going over all of the details of my "condition" and the details of the surgery being done, she began to tell me that they are a spiritually based practice. She then proceeded to assist me in laying out a battle plan in prayer.

She asked that my prayer warriors continue to pray for me, for their practice and doctors, those at the hospital that will be involved, and then she asked specifically that everyone pray on my day of surgery. She was very insistent that the prayer not end that day. She said the week after my surgery is critical for prayer - this is when they will be doing all the final pathology reports.

I feel confident that God cannot lie and I am standing on HIS Word that says - it is His will for me to be healed! Thank you so much for joining me in this battle. God has been so good to me during this season; giving me a peace and assurance that I know can only come from Him. I give Him all the glory for my life and the blessings that come each day! Thank you for all your prayers.

In HIS Grip,

(September 15th update from Robin….. “I am so in love....God has literally carried me through the last week, holding me safe and tight in His arms. He never leaves or forsakes us.....At home now - on my road to a brand new me! thank you for all the prayers....keep them coming!)

PTL what a good report talk about Living In His Grip!!!...Oct 1st Great Report "Oh, did I forget to mention that IT IS further treatment necessary! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so good!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

HAPPY DAY!!!.....

“This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it” 
Psalms 118:24

Woke up with all this stuff on my mind, pressures of life, deadlines and just random thoughts I want bore you with?  These thoughts were arrested when this phrase dropped in front of all of them “I will rejoice and be glad ” OK ....what does that look like? Hopping, Jumping, and Dancing around the house…NOT.. for me anyway!  I don’t do that naturally, I’m rather subdued in that area.  Maybe I ought to try it.  I have a friend who lives like that, it’s some chip I don’t have. I expect it from her; she just does life that way.  I want to ask her sometime, “do you ever have a bad day?” or “do you even know how to have a downer day?”  Of course I wouldn’t want her to have one and ruin it.

What is this all about?  Well, I think it is a message for us to live by today.  Isn’t that like Holy Spirit to put a verse in our mind, hum…that shows us how important it is to memorize a verse?   I think I will start doing what I will call, “My Happy Dance” (when no one is looking of course!) and start living by this verse…..How about you?

Excuse me, but I just have to put this song out here to start our day.  It will be good for you and me for starters. It makes me laugh just watching this silly thing.  Our grandson Caedon, LOVES LIFE daily!  He could dance his way through each day singing this song….

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


After a good nights sleep we were up early because  as you noticed in the last post the place where we stayed had no TV/Radio and no phone or Internet connection what do you do when it gets dark at 8:15 you go to sleep early.  The next morning we had breakfast at the Restaurant in the motel. It turned out to be right good, surprisingly! After our meal we were on the road still heading south by 8:00am.  Just a few miles were left of the Skyline PWY and we were regretting it because we were enjoying it so much.  At this point we decided to try to make it to the end and pick up the next Parkway that began in North Carolina and ending in GA it was 450 miles.  It is the Blueridge Parkway. We began our travel with the decision to take in as many miles as we could then make it home that night.  This part has some of my favorite spots and I have more pictures for you to see…..

This road is so high up with solid rock on one side it amazes me to think how men one day worked here risking their lives...

Along the way these trees were pretty with red berries don't know their name.....

 A thick fog set in, Phil had to maneuver us for several miles.  At one point we thought one of us would have to get out and walk in front to show the way through it.  Pretty scary for me since I knew on some spot it was a long drop off on our left..... 

Mabry Mill is the my favorite spot on the Blueridge Parkway and most photographed no doubt!!!
We hit it on a day they were Caning, what a unique skill....

We enjoyed walking and looking at the flower gardens around the mill........

On down the road was another favorite spot an old country store that has everything you can think of.  Locals come and sale their produce grown in the area.  This day as we walked in you could smell country hams cooking made it nice for a cool day in the country......

Here you can see their fruits and veggies displayed notice the way they stacked the bananas....

On down the road we came upon a detour because of road construction maybe from a rock slides or trees down from storms recently.  It was disappointing at first but soon began to enjoy it.  The area was so interesting, it took us through a town we had not seen before with lots of tree farms and....

........... tobacco farms.  It wasn't long until we saw it was a beautiful area with rich soil for farming.  I have never seen so many Christmas trees growing every where on the hill sides.  They looked pretty and green..... its going to be a good year when you select your tree for this Christmas!!!

So that's our trip we didn't finish the Blueridge Parkway this time so next time we will pick it up from where we left off.  It got dark so we made an exit at the Asheville, NC area got on I-40 and headed to the barn, as they say.  On the way home we reviewed our whole trip thinking it was one of the best we had taken in a long time.  

Hope this will interest you so maybe one day you will set out to see what is out there along the beautiful trail called The Skyline Parkway and Blueridge Parkway it is truly America the Beautiful! 

Monday, September 19, 2011


I have to say our “Fun Capacity” had been broken lately. With "health issues", lack of “fun money” and “loss of focus” we had let it slip. We have to have a get-a way every once in a while to keep our engines running at an optimum speed to get the job done in our work/calling in life. I knew there was FUN LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO HAPPEN.  We had gotten way too serious and had almost forgotten about it….

Last week I was getting up tight way too much!  That’s when I recognized it, I think Phil saw it before me, he knows me so well.  Last Thursday night out of the clear blue I said, “you know what? I have got to get out of here!!!”  I mention a plan and Phil had already thought of it and had it in place.  We shared ideas and they were the same. I guess after so many years together we do think alike.  We had the same idea of packing a small bag, leave the next morning and drive up to Virginia and get on the Skyline Parkway and slowly go South.

We left at 8:00am from Blairsville, checked in our motel that night at 7:00pm.  The next morning it was raining just a little but we didn’t mind it made it a nice day to get on the Parkway without a crowd.  The mid 40’s made you feel winter was coming around the corner and after the hot summer this year it felt nice.  Sorry you Vermont friends, I know that’s not what you are thinking! 

One major component for this trip is a trip to Dunkin Doughnut next to the motel before we get on our track. After selections of our favorites among the beautiful display and a thermos of coffee filled with their great coffee we were ready to go.  Hit it lucky they had just put out fresh Fall flavors, Pumpkin Spice muffins and doughnuts and the Apple Spice ones too.  That combination seems to do it for us every time. We said, “its just what the doctor ordered” in this escape from the rat race.


We did lots of talking about subjects we don’t usually talk about while riding and looking out the windshield.  Why is it that two people that live together have to get in a “down time” atmosphere to do some deep talking?  I don’t know but it is a must in our case!

 I took pictures to give you an idea of what we experienced.  Enjoy them with us!....
 When you drive south the first campground you come upon is Matthews Arm Campground.  What is interesting is before it closes for winter people like to go and watch for the bears come in.  Bear hunt for food to pack their bellies for their winter hibernation.  The big oak trees provide that with acorns everywhere.  You can stay in your place and watch all the bears eat and they don't bother you of course you stay in your place. If you hit it right in mid Oct it makes for some good entertainment..... 

 We got to our first overlook and were surprised to see it was different than usual because of the overcast. On a clear day you can see for miles as you look out at the cities below.

As I looked, it made me think how it reminded me how we can live above our circumstances and not below them because we are seated with Christ in the Heavenlies according to Eph. 2:6 "and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, "

After a long day we decided to get a room for the night at a neat place in a valley with three mountains around it.  After getting in we discovered there was no TV or radio.  No ones cellphones had service the only way to get to the outside world was a pay phone that was so ancient you had to use your credit card.  Phil would not get settled in until he called our kids and tell them where we were so we could feel somewhat connected to the outside world.  I think that was the first time we were truely off by ourselves....

Sitting in the car while Phil got us registered, I spotted this tree with such character and I could see a man's face and it was as if I could hear him say with a deep voice...."come and stay awhile and just stop!"...
....and we did!!!

.....So I think I will stop here and begin on my next post with the details of our next day with pictures you will enjoy,  so stop by again....

Thursday, September 15, 2011


They are all around us some we know and some we don’t know.  Everyday as we walk around in public we don’t even know if they pass us they are the Cancer Survivors....

Krista is one I wrote about a year or so ago, we watched her bravely face her challenges. The loss of her hair didn’t stop her, she made it a time to gather hats and scarves and to cover her head while her body reacted to the treatment that killed the cancer trying to take over her body.  Just last week at church, I walked up to her smiling because she had just had her first haircut after it had grown back.  She wanted me to feel her hair and see how good it felt. I am so proud of her.
Krista shows Pink.....

 Rita is just starting out on that journey.  This week after meeting with the doctors she now has to decide which route to take.  It is up to her to make decisions that will conquer this dreadful disease called Cancer.  She depends on her Heavenly Father just as Krista did and does.  They give Him all the glory.
Oh how we all love Rita and Shannon her daughter leads us!!!

Looking through my Facebook friends post today I came across Dee’s photos that are so beautiful, she is in full recovery after a long journey with the whole shock of the discovery, the decisions, the treatment and now getting her life back.
Dee brave survivor now enjoying her life again.....

 I close with a picture Dee posted on Facebook, she's at the beach she loves.  She posted a picture of the sun setting, it is so beautiful.  As I looked at it I thought how she must feel to be able to see another sunset.  I place it here for you to enjoy too!......

Pray for all these ladies and all the others who are out there waiting for answers, going through treatment, the families standing by them and be thankful for those in the medical field who have given their lives for the cure and cause........

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,” Eph 2:6 NIV

Can’t get over it!  The fact we are In Christ and Resting in His finished work on the Cross, and that's not all we are Seated with Him in Heavenly realms,..... and it IS a done deal! 

If we believe that then why do we live recklessly in the “Not Trusting Mode”? Yeah, that’s me!  Over the years I have discovered I have the tendency to slip back in my unique flesh patterns “Worry, Doubts and Fear”. I worry about the past, worry about the future, doubt the past events, doubt the future events, fear what has happened in the past, fear what is going to happen in the future and on and one.  Do you relate?

So what’s the answer?....


This morning I did a study on this verse and here's some quotes and comments from Commentaries on this subject:

Found this quote from Corrie Ten Boom that says volumes, and remember she went through the fire in her lifetime, to say the least, yet trusted Him…. makes me ashamed to even say I've had difficulty, she says:  “We are seated with Him looking down, from ABOVE, on our circumstances from a place of REST & peace in Him, INSTEAD of us being UNDER our circumstances from a place of defeat and turmoil. " If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. If you look at God you'll be at rest."

I downloaded a free PDF copy of the book (and you can too BTW), “Sit, Walk and Stand” by Watchman Nee to look at this subject. In the chapter on “Sit” he says,
Adam, we are told, was created on the sixth day. Clearly, then, he had no part in those first six days of work, for he came into being only at their end. God’s seventh day was, in fact, Adam’s first. Whereas God worked six days and then enjoyed his Sabbath rest, Adam began his life with the Sabbath; for God works before he rests, while man must first enter into God’s rest, and then alone can he work. Moreover it was because God’s work of creation was truly complete that Adam’s life could begin with rest. And here is the Gospel: that God has gone one stage further and has completed also the work of redemption, and that we need do nothing whatever to merit it, but can enter by faith directly into the values of his finished work.

Clarkes Commentary says:
And hath raised us up together in Christ - Or rather, by Christ; his resurrection being the proof that he had made the full atonement, and that we might be justified by his blood. Believing, therefore, the record which God gave of his Son, we received this atonement, and were raised from a death of sin to a life of righteousness; and now we sit in heavenly places - we have a right to the kingdom of God, anticipate this glory, and are indescribably happy in the possession of this salvation, and in our fellowship with Christ Jesus."

I ask the question, How are you doing Resting in Him? Are you Seated or do you feel like you have to do still do something to be good enough to get to Heaven?, or  Are you always trying to fix things in your life instead of letting Him have it?  Today begin to Rest in Him and just... Sit in His lap and smell His robe.....

Monday, September 12, 2011


Last Friday night was our date night, we have been dating on a Friday nights for years.  It’s a fun time, it can be a movie or just a ride out into the mountains to maybe go to the top of Brasstown Bald, it’s the highest point in Georgia or sit by one of our beautiful lakes. 

We eat at one of our Restaurants in our town.  We don’t have to decide much it’s always back to Cook’s for one of their grilled hamburgers all the way with everything on it and their fries are the best!

We decided we had not had Barbeque lately so that was our selection and was a good one.  Then I said to Phil let’s be bad, it has been too long since we just got something “ooouie gooouie."  We had enough of the lettuce and sugar free stuff so here is what we got.  I am sorry I made him sin with me but you know the old saying, “misery loves company” wonder if that is what Eve said?.  I repented the next morning though…….

See for yourself wish you could reach out and take a bite.  Come see us and we will take you to get one…..

Sunday, September 11, 2011


"Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble." Proverb 21:23

Just experienced something that had to be devastating for someone we know.  Ever composted and email to go to a friend and in it’s contents it had something about someone else that was private information? When you sent it you later find out it went to all your mailing list including the person you talked about to your friend?  I hope you can answer “NO”!!! My heart skipped when I got this email and I knew it would not be long until we got another one with apologies and we did she was very sorry!!!

James has a lot to say about our tongue in James 3:1-18.  When you get a chance read it for yourself you might have already, but go back a review again it to see the power of the tongue….

How can you become a person who does not sin with your tongue? 

• humble yourself
• put off all slander and evil speaking
• put on words of kindness, love, forgiveness, and grace
• bring your thought life under the control of the Spirit
• talk less
• think before you speak
• refuse to listen to, slander, or gossip about others

Don’t you think it would be a good thing to live by this following verse also, when it comes to our tongue?  It would keep us out of trouble and keep us from what our friend had to face to clean up her mistake…..

"Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear."  Ephesians 4:29 ESV

Sure as the world we are going to be tested this week, on this very thing, so lets go have a good and safe week watching what comes from our mouth!!!...... Just saying.....

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things." Philippians 4:8 NASB


Friday, September 9, 2011

“MAN UP”….....

I am getting rather frustrated at the fact a wife has to call our office crying out that they are wanting their husband to take the lead, carry their home unit as they talked about pre-marriage and when they said their vows one day in their past…uh! ….“That would be their Wedding Day!”…..

Can you remember yours?  Maybe you stood at an altar in a church, in some judge’s chambers, or outdoors somewhere of your choosing that was your romantic place.  Ours was in a Methodist Ministers living room when we eloped 50 years ago this year.  It was there we began this journey of marriage where the husband is the head/president and the wife is the second in command/vice president blending to become one and which NOT one….

My Gateway verse came in my email today, it caught my attention on this subject looming around in my head.  I forwarded it to Phil for maybe one of his future blog entries because he and I have discussed this often and want to get this message out somewhere, somehow.  After thinking it over I thought, well maybe I will write something about it too and vent it right here….

This is the verse:   Titus 2:2 “Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.”

My observation of many men in our society causes me to feel they are not doing what this verse says.  Now don’t get mad at me and say,“ well you should not say all men are like that ”. I know, but give me a break and realize when we get calls; it is people needing help with something going on in their lives.  I think our culture is hurting, men are getting away from God and women are rising up saying “if you don’t do it I will and even better!”.  And sorry to say, in my observation, that could be true.  I have been around long enough to see the evolving results of the women’s movement of the 70’s doing just what it set out to do rule over men in the name of having “their rights”. 

This verse today, if exercised in our churches, would cure most of this problem.  I can hear Paul’s heart I think they must have had this same problem in his day.

Paul was telling Titus to complete his job in teaching the older men to be three things mentioned here.

1.  The older men are to be TEMPERATE – I like what the Amplified Bible says
   Urge the older men to be temperate, venerable (serious), sensible

2.  The older men are to be WORTHY OF RESPECT - to be dignified, it refers to the character that evokes special respect.

3.  The older men are to have SELF-CONTROL -  I love what Matthew Henry says about this:
 Sensible (4998) (sophron  Vine says derives from a combination of  sozo = save + phren = mind, means acting like one with a "saved mind" curbing one’s desires and impulses and so describes the man who is self-controlled, self restrained and discreet. This man's mind has everything under control (of the Holy Spirit).  Sophron taken back to its root means a "saved mindset" coming right out of a person's salvation, so that his thinking has been flipped over from the "AM" band of the World to the "FM" band of the Spirit and he now has the ability to think the way God wants him to think and can act the way God wants him to act. He controls his physical passions, rejects worldly standards and resists worldly attractions because like Paul, by God’s grace he has learned to “think so as to have sound judgment” Romans 12:3 / He has come to learn that to be "in control" he has to be "under control" of the Holy Spirit Gal 5:23 and Eph 5:18.

4. The older men are to be SOUND in FAITH, LOVE AND IN ENDURANCE"sound" here means uncorrupt, healthy and wholesome and so is that which protects and preserves life and gives good health (in this case spiritual health). Though they may be unhealthy in body and decrepit because of age, they should still remain sound in mind.

SOUND IN FAITH - has the definite article, here, not “faith” as exercised, but “the Faith,” the body of Christian doctrine. Older men have learned that the doctrine of God can be trusted in every way. They do not question His wisdom or power or love, and they do not lose trust in His goodness and grace or lose confidence in His divine plan and divine wisdom. They do not doubt the truth or sufficiency of His Word or waver in their divinely assured hope that His sovereign plan will be fulfilled.

SOUND IN LOVE – he is to have Agape Love it is unconditional, sacrificial love and a love that God is (1Jn 4:8,16), that God shows (Jn 3:16, 1Jn 4:9) Agape may involve emotion, but it must always involve action.  Agape is unrestricted, unrestrained, and unconditional.

SOUND IN ENDURANCE - PERSERVANCE  Gr word meaning hupomone from hupo = under + meno = abide)  which literally means “remaining under” trials and afflictions in a way that honors God.  The root idea of hupomone is that of remaining under some discipline, subjecting one’s self to something that demands the acquiescence of the will to something against which one naturally would rebel. It portrays a picture of steadfastly and unflinchingly bearing up under a heavy load and describes that quality of character that does not allow one to surrender to circumstances or succumb under trial. The picture is that of steadfastness, constancy and endurance.

Hupomone is patience in the sense of meekness.  Hupomone is the ability to endure when circumstances are difficult - not a passive sitting down and bearing things but a triumphant facing of them so that even out of evil there can come good, a bearing up in a way that honors and glorifies our heavenly Father.

I enjoyed studying this and I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with so much to read.  I so hope you stayed with me and share my burden.  The fact is we need more men.  Men with “back bone” who will stand for what is right and lead the way.  Phil and I both agree there are more women leading in churches than males.  I am sorry but that is just wrong! It begins in our homes where men are men and women or women accepting their gender and getting in the their skin so to speak joining together finding out what God has to say about a Biblical Marriage and practicing it which actually makes a picture of Christ and His Church.  We are making some pretty weak pictures folks oh I don’t need to get started here I could keep you all day. 

In closing, the above characteristics of this elder man is exactly how we are to be living and it is their life examples that can lead us in that way.  Then there would be less conflict in our Homes and Churches and Country.  Coming from this would give a clear message that God the creator of this universe and HE I THE I AM the One and Only God and we bow to Him unashamedly!  Pray with me that this will be a message that will reach many and set them on fire for change….REAL CHANGE!

A Real Man reminds me of B2 STEALTH BOMBER, it’s a mean machine under control.  It protects, it provides safety, it fights the enemy and says don’t worry I am here! 

I have one right here for you to watch and see for your self …… it makes a statement!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


This week was Labor Day and the setting was just right for a Home Cooked Meal.  The storm called “Lee” was predicted to come through giving this land some much-needed rain.  We were told we could see from 5 to 7 inches of it, I thought we need it but not all at the same time!

We saw it coming so I declared it a “Home Cooked Comfort Food Day” so I rattled the pots and pans. The weather was a cool rainy day we opened the doors where the breeze could flow through the house. I had gathered all the fixings the day before, got up early on Monday and started.  My menu was Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy, green beans, candid yams, fried squash, rolls and sweet iced tea.  Desert was fried apples for just a sweet dish for later with coffee in our new Keurig coffee pot that makes the cup anytime with any flavor pod you select. So Yum was on the way….

Our two guys love to cook, they found out I was making our family pot roast that has been past down through the family and had been left with me.  They ask if I would write the recipe so they could carry it on to the next generation.  I got the idea to place it here with pictures I took to show them.  

Well, I don’t like bragging on my own cooking but that meal was “out of sight good” even if I did cook it.  So let me try to get Momma's recipe out of my head and on to paper. I want you to have it too!….

                              MOMMA’S OVEN POT ROAST

Prep Time: 15 min
Cook Time: 3 hrs
Serves: 6 to 8 servings


    * 1 (3 to 4-pound) boneless bottom round roast or sirloin tip roast
    * Salt and ground black pepper
    * Miss Dash
    * Garlic salt
    * ¼ cup olive oil
    * ¼ cup or a little more self-rising floor
    * 3 cups water
    * 1 large onion, quartered
    * Two cups baby carrots 
    * Three or four med white peeled potatoes quartered
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Season roast on all sides with salt, pepper, Mrs Dash and garlic salt… judge how much by how well seasoned you like it.

In large frying pan sear roast on all sides in oil.  Place roast in a Dutch oven and place veggies around it.  
 Put flour in frying pan with seared drippings and oil over medium-high heat, this will make medium brown rue for your gravy.  Watch closely so it will not get too dark.  When all stirred together and brown to your liking add water.  Have heat on med or where it will boil so you can stir it well to get out lumps. 
 Begin to reduce just a little then pour over roast. 
  Place in preheated oven for 3 hours After an hour and a half check the gravy to see if it is getting too thick if so add a little more water. Cook for remaining time. Transfer the roast to a cutting board and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes, slice and serve.

Finish product on platter ready to serve.....
One last picture Phil took to send to the boy's telling them Momma cooked.
I want show you the picture he sent later of his plate after he finished it off and then went to take a nap...