Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I just heard a powerful song.  As I listened it reminded me of the promises we have at a time when the news comes of a love one’s death or some other bad news like my friend hearing this week the test came back with the information she was not wanting to hear.  She is facing hard decisions that will determine her future. At a moment like this all you can do is call out to God helpless with total dependence on Him ….

Today I talked with someone who shared with me the details of the horrible death of her husband and son. The event was two years ago she said, she’s now in Grief Counseling to get through these lonely days.  As I listened tears welled up in my eyes as I hurt for her.  She did not have a tear as she shared how God is bringing her through, giving her the Grace to bare each day.  I could see it in her face, in fact, she got a Kleenex and wiped my tear as it ran down my face. She went on to say, each morning as she opens her eyes, she talks to God asking Him to be her comfort and guide.  It isn’t easy she said, but He has been with me all the way.  I hurt even now as I write this and yet I know with her faith she is going to make it through and I trust Him with her.

My heart is full tonight as I sit here, lots of hurting people out there.  My mind is on God and God’s goodness to us.  I wonder why “Bad Things Happen to Good People” as a book title says.  All I can say, is we live in a fallen world and we are not excused from pain and sorrow.  He does promise that His Grace is Sufficient!  He knows every tear we shed and He is aware of every hurt in our lives.

If you are out there somewhere tonight hurting don’t hurt along.  Please call a friend or get to your Bible and find comfort.  Many a time I have gotten alone and cried out to God and He heard me.  I will never forget the night I faced the first experience of the death of someone very close to me. That day my precious mother died suddenly while sitting at the dinner table. They were eating the meal she had just prepared. Dad said, "we were talking and she just fell over and was gone."  Out of nowhere it began, our journey of the loss and the void of her absence, knowing she would not be here with us, loving us, encouraging us as she did so well in her unselfish way.  I sat in the dark that night and held my Bible close to me.  I prayed calling out to God for answers and I opened His Word and there I saw for the first time these words, "...weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." -Psalm 30:5. I had peace and I knew my mother was safely home and one day I would see her again.....

Listen to this song and let the words give you the peace He gave me that night and this night after a trying day.  As I sit here I know NOT ONE THING can come our way unless it comes through His Hand and our future is secure because…. HE WILL BE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY…NO MATTER WHAT!!!

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