Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am having such a hard time thinking how to write about this it is so BIG.  There are not words to describe what we have been going through this last week.  We are so excited our prayers are being answered and don’t know why I am feeling surprised.  I have to admit I had doubts this was not going to turn out positive.

My heart has been so heavy for a week as our family and friends along with us went before Father asking for healing for our niece’s daughter.  For a week she had total hearing loss.  As we watched it unfold it broke our hearts seeing her face this tremendous challenge.  As she walked through each day of this scary time she was such a strong person to be a16 years old.  At one point she told her mother, “Mom don’t worry about me God is with me”

Today a miracle took place. Here are the details of Megan's hearing returning in her mom’s words….
What a day!! As of 12:30 today Meg can hear! It happened at school and she asked to call her parents. How sweet it was to hear her voice knowing she was hearing my words, "I am proud of you". She has shared many things that she has learned this week. One being that people and prayers work! Thank you! Now she has requested shrimp ooh la la from Henry's and Elvis Presley cupcakes from Theo's. We will celebrate!!! God is good!

Happiness is all round us tonight and I got an idea this is going to be a memory we will always be able to glean from in times of knowing prayer is the answer for everything we face daily…..

….and as Stacey said…GOD IS GOOD!

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