Saturday, April 27, 2013


Reading Ray Steadman Devotion for 4/15/13 “WHERE ARE YOU?”  Gen.3:9, caused me to pause and THINK.  I found it interesting that God asked Adam and Eve this question.  These words in this study caught my eye.

“Today we are seeking to find a way out of a very confusing situation that prevails in our world. We will never do it until we start with this question, “Where are you? Where am I?” Perhaps the reason many are unable to be helped today is either because they cannot or will not answer that question. Ask it of yourself now. Where are you? In the course of your life, from birth to death, moving as you hope you are moving, to develop stability of character, trustworthiness, integrity of being, all these qualities that we admire in others and want in ourselves--where are you? How far have you come? Until you can answer that, in some sense at least, there is no possibility of helping you.
Perhaps many of you will have to say, “I don't know where I am. I only know that I am not where I ought to be or where I want to be. That's all I can say.” If that is all you can say, that is at least an honest answer, and therefore, it is the most helpful answer you can give. In that sense, it is the only right answer.
I pray this prayer right now as I examine the path I am on..... “Lord, help me to examine myself with this question, “Where am I?” Thank You that it is out of Your grace and love that You question me.

If we will take the time to ask ourselves this question we will stay on the path He has designed according to Ps. 16:11 “Thou will show me the path of life, in Thy presence is fullness of joy, at Thy right hand are pleasure forever more”.....

 I hope you are feeling good saying, "I am right where I am suppose to be"...
....or maybe, "no, but I am going to find out and get on the right path even if it might be cost involved".  My prayer is you will find the right path and enjoy the life that is so precious, its too short and valuable to waste it... go find it!

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  1. What a most beautiful post...
    And I thank you.