Friday, May 17, 2013


I have for years tried to be good by eating healthy, like veggies made all kinds of ways to change them around.  Grilled fish and chicken is not so bad unless you consume so much you think you’re growing fins or cackling like a chicken. 

It is at that time I want to have a blow out with Junk Food and have what I call A Junk Food Day!

Well, I want to talk about those days when I have had enough and I go out planning to be bad looking around to see if my doctors are looking with some kind of guilt that I immediately identify as “false guilt”.  So.... I go and JUST DO IT!!! 

 As I can remember, the Fast Food business got into my life when I put my mouth on my very first Big Mac.  Oh My!!! I know it was near the date of the first one served, August 22, 1967.  And... I know they think they are fooling us, but it seems to be shrinking, more money in their pockets, shameful... it WAS much bigger than it is now.  But, even though they are De-sized, I liked them anyway.  

Never forget a day in Feb of 1984 while on a mission trip to Germany, I bought one and left it in the van.  It was so cold outside it froze and you ought to try it, they are even good frozen...good memories!

........and of course, you can't eat a Big Mac without fries.  Now don't ask me that standard question, "you want fries with that?"  Well YES!!!  Don't you know this is a "drop all boundaries day to EAT JUNK FOOD?  And another thing, an attitude is just waiting right in front of everybody, if they are not put on my tray HOT. 

Are you like me?  I always have to eat the ones sticking out the top as I walk to THE RIGHT table. Even one time a person was being served next to me at the counter while I waited and I stopped just in time from picking off of their embarrassing moment avoided, just in time!

 ....while I am being so transparent here, after all that traditional eating, the last thing to top it off is an _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ you fill in the blank.  You know what I mean, don't act so innocent with your small waist line!!!  Yes, see below if you are still wondering....

...Yep! Only 150 more calories, that is, if you don't ask for a little cup of chocolate and a spoon to take a bite with a spoon full of that brown stuff that will just hit it off...hum... all I can do to keep from calling it a JFD now!! 

....and one more thing before you leave that place of Fast Food I love to make a stop at the counter for one more thing, if I can't hold it right then I get a bag of theses to take home to have later...oh I love um....

OK thanks for putting up with my random thoughts here, got to go now see you when my thoughts get loaded again. What will I talk about next.... check back and see... 

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