Saturday, April 4, 2015


Many things have been written today and posted here and there about Easter.  I know the real meaning of Easter.... it’s when Jesus took Sin upon Himself on The Cross. 

It's when.... He corrected the error Adam and Eve made in the Garden.  It's Him giving me the right to enter my Eternal Home one day.

And, in my own personal way, I quietly humble myself giving Him my gratefulness for what He did for me.  Then I get excited thinking how Mary Magdalene must have felt when she ran to tell the Disciples, “THE TOMB IS EMPTY”. 

This makes me want to go Shout it others!   

...And....In the morning, I will start my day by singing in my heart, “Up From the Grave He Arose”, feeling chills as I experience the Truth of The Resurrection. This is really why we Celebrate of Easter! 

But tonight I......have this on my mind those sweet memories as a child, back then on 156 Claire Drive in Atlanta Georgia..

I think back to the time as a little girl the night before Easter.  Mother took great pains planning out my Easter outfit.  We would get on the bus and ride the nine miles to downtown Atlanta to shop at Rich’s Department store. 

The day began with energy but later into the day after trying on so many outfits, I got so tired and wanted to go home.  But mother would not stop before she found just the right dress with all the accessories to go with it.  There had to be a hat, gloves, and the perfect pair of socks and black patent leather shoes, I can smell the new shoes now. All those things had to go along with the dress selected. And then we would get to go home.

After arriving home, I could not wait to try on all the things she purchased for me, to parade in front of my daddy to see his reaction and to hear him sing the words, “ in her Easter Bonnet with all the Frills upon it”.  I would wait to hear him say how I looked so pretty, such approval meant so much to me as a small child...... 

I could hardly go to sleep thinking about the next morning getting to wear my brand new clothes.  Heaven forbid, if we got up and the weather had turned cold and I had to put on a coat to cover all that “Pretty”, I liked so well....

Awaking the next morning I could smell the bacon Momma was frying, getting our breakfast ready.  It was finally time to put on my Easter Outfit for that year. 

Then off to my friend Sandra’s house, to see how she was all decked out for Easter!

Off we went to Sunday school to hear the Story of Easter and maybe the teacher would pass out candy eggs in all colors.  All around the kids sat in a circle with their new clothes.  Some of the guys looked rather unhappy having to clean up to wear a tie fitting so tight around their necks that had been washed so clean the Saturday night before.  But we girls loved that day when we could proudly display our Easter Bonnets...

So in the morning as you get up and put on your Easter outfit, remember to not forget it’s not about what you wear or how you look, we miss it if we do. 

It is all about a Man Who Gave Himself that we might be Free and most of all FORGIVEN!!!.....

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