Thursday, May 6, 2010


There are benefits in journaling and here’s why. It allows you to look back, seeing what went on in your life months or years past. You can learn a lot about yourself. I like encouraging others to practice this and hearing later how they see the benefits, also. They discover like I have, that it is a valuable "ME TIME". Looking back over my years of writing, I ran across this entry. This one reminded me to take notice, to keep working on good healthy habits and most of all, keep working on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Look what I was doing on the day of 1/29/93.

Wow! This was a Divine Appointment!! I met Mrs. Allen today, while at Rainbow Natural Foods, in Decatur, GA. I was standing there, observing what I saw going on near me. This little lady was scooting around with her friend telling her what she needed to buy, you couldn’t help but listen, my thoughts were, the store must have hired her to give all this advice. She was so little and feisty, to say the least. I had to look down to her and I’m 5ft 2, she must have been less than 5 feet. She said she was born in 1911, became a Christian in 1948 and the Great Physician was her doctor. It was very evident, she was independent but very dependant on her Heavenly Father…with much convince!! She went on to tell me, her favorite scripture was Psalms 103, and kept telling me that over and over though out our conversation. I ask her what she did each morning for her devotions. She said, “Well, I get up and start in the book of James and he says to humble myself before Him, then to resist the devil.” Then she said, “then, I say Lord, what will you have me do today?” Quickly, she looked straight in my face and said, “So what do you do?” I was stunned with conviction, having a hard time giving her my answer. I came home and did a review on my relationship with Father and relationship with myself in the way I attend to my Spirit, Soul and Body…. that He created.

I wonder what has happen to that lady I met 13 years ago? She would be 93 now. I have a feeling if I went back to that store today I could here her voice and see her running back and forth helping someone obtain good health and sharing her faith in the One who matters most to her!

(An update: was back at Rainbow last year 2009 and ask one of the workers if they remembered Mrs. Allen, they said “Oh Yes! Who can forget Mrs. Allen? We all remember her. I looked around and could still feel her presence, thinking as I stood there, how our lives make a statement and can still go on even after our departure! I want to make a difference just like that little lady who had a big voice still lingering in that place)

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  1. I love this entry as I have journaled over the years and have gone back...sometimes I read or see things and am thankful for how far I've come, other things I see and can't believe I'm still fighting the same battle. But His grace is sufficient and I rest in Him. Love you so much Ms. Mary.