Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"A Little Child Shall Lead Them" Isaiah 11:6”

That really happened to me! Yes, God did use a little child to lead me many years ago. Looking back over my life I can see clearly, how He began telling me to overcome fear and He first used a child. You might have heard me tell about one of my past programming flesh patterns has been fear, fear of this, fear of that, you name it..fear, fear, fear! In fact, one of my entries recently was about my “old name… fearful”. The enemy every once in a while jumps out and says “boo” and boy, I buy into it for awhile, until I realize the scheme and stop and say “wait a minute” then applying the Truth to what I am facing at the time and it instantly is resolved.

Looking back to a time when we had the opportunity of having a little girl named Lisa stay with us for a weekend, it happened! While her Mom went on a trip with her sister’s cheerleading team, we were asked to keep her. Oh! I jumped on that, since I had no daughters of my own. I am so grateful for the two boys we’ve been blessed with, but to be honest this was a time to pretend I had a little girl. She went along on all the events we had for the weekend, giving us her little smile fitting right in. We had several things that kept us busy going here and there about town so we were in and out of the car a lot of the time. Each time she and I would sit in the back seat. My husband and I must have been having a conversation about something, I can’t remember, it has been so long ago. Lisa was around four years old then and she is 30+ now, so you can see how long it’s been. I remember one thing that will always be in my memory bank, it is what said as she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. She must have had her ears tightly honed in on what we were saying. I had a phrase that I used all the time, it was a bad habit, I now know. I used it in the conversation with Phil that day. It was “well!! I am afraid that ….” And it would just about fit into each one of my sentences somewhere when responding to someone’s statement. Well I said it and she said it…I can still hear that soft little voice, “Ms Mary, when I am in my bed and I am afraid mama taught me a verse to say and you can say it too when you are afraid! She had the quote down pat …Paslms 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” And she just went on about her business, playing with whatever she had in her hand. I sat there stunned. I knew I had to say something and it couldn’t be “well I am afraid….” She had me or He had me… I know it was the latter! I remember saying “do you believe that?” And she said a big “YES, and you can too!” I looked down at her and said “well OK I will” then sat quietly. What do you think? Can God use a little child?.....

Hey Lisa! Thank you for letting Daddy use you that day, I Love You!!!


  1. I look back on those days @ your home in Doraville w/ a big smile on my face. I always enjoyed spending time with you and Mr. Phil.

    Your post today is humbling and has me all choked up!

    Love you so.

  2. I'm humbled and all choked up!
    Love you so.