Thursday, July 15, 2010


I guess you can tell by now my favorite time of the day is morning. I like getting up in the fresh of the day, pour that first cup of coffee, go outside to see what went on over night. Any bear tracks? Any creatures have a meal on my plants? Do the birds need their feeders refilled? Strolling around, I smell the freshness of the day breaking through as I feel the presence of Father and it overwhelms me. I can see His Hand in all of this. I realize He loves me, I think He wants me to know it and I “whisper Father I love you too!”

Looking up and around, I can’t get over the transition of our trees. Only a few months ago these trees were bare standing tall, waving when the wind blew. You could even hear a whistle that made you want to bundle up. Mint green leaves show up, that’s what my friend calls them in the spring. Kay lives in Vermont where she appreciates that time of year, after those cold winter months. Summer season of a tree must be a time, if they could talk, they might be meeting among themselves planning their coming display of color in the upcoming Fall which takes place around the first week in November in this region. It is such a splash of red and orange it takes your breath away. Silence comes as the cold comes in, putting the trees to bed for the winter. Standing tall again you can see their ribs with the leaves gone. Neighbors get their leaf blowers out; you can hear them in the distance as they move them out of the way. Some are even mulched to put around the ground around the tree it left. In the distance, you can see a trail of smoke going up in the air, when it reaches you the smell is like a sweet fragrance all it’s own.

Thinking back to the days as a child, we would huddle around the fire warming ourselves after coming inside. Dad would use the wood from one old gentleman that didn’t make it. It had fallen to the ground, but was still doing its work, as it warmed the house around us, with the wood it provided. The embers shine red as the room darkened as it became bedtime. In the morning the fire was out, white ashes lay flat in the fireplace. I remember Daddy would come in with that little shovel and get them up, putting them in a pail to go outside around the garden, it made the dirt rich for the plant’s next season, he would say. So the cycle of the tree goes on and on never is it really over sort of like our lives when we pass through this land, like every Season of a Tree. Come to think of it, I want to be like a tree don’t you? There is a saying, “Friendship is Like a Sheltering Tree”. We can be that as we stand tall, shine with our different brilliant colors, providing warmth with our love and care being a friend to those around us and most of all leaving something behind on this earth as we move on to that other Land….

Got to go inside and plan my day now, this has been a time of worship setting my mind for the day outside in my Garden. I must have an opportunity to share these moments with someone today, so I have it’s went you…. thanks for listening!

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