Monday, October 18, 2010


Just got through reading about a woman in the Bible. She was kind to someone; it was the widow who shared her last morsel with the prophet Elijah, he had a need. God supplied it through her. No doubt she was being kind to someone that day. And she was sensitive to the needs of others and allowing Father to use her vessel to give to the needs of others.

You know one interesting fact, Elijah lived with this woman and her boy for a long time and he got to know her well, but he has left us with no clue as to her identity or the son. It didn’t matter “who” she was, it mattered only in “what” she did for someone else. And another thing, I don’t think it mattered to her “who” she was. Don’t know about you but that convicts me. I think we want our name made known way too much, forgetting about giving something to someone and not expecting something in return.

I am going to think about this gal today. I want to put myself in her place and look for someone Father wants to give to through me. It could come in the form of, a “cool drink of water” by way of a smile, or a kind word or supplying a need to someone who is without. Look around and find them they are out there with an “Elijah Need”……

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