Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It’s afternoon, I just finished a great cup of coffee. Been trying to do the LowCarb thing….again! So I made a fresh pot of coffee, trying to stay out of the sweets, thought it would help. I used low carb hazelnut syrup and a bit of Almond Milk. I’m sitting here in my living room listening to some good Baroque Classical Music playing in the background. Out my window the trees are blowing pretty strong it’s in the mid 60’s prefect blue sky, makes for a good day!

As I look out my window, my mind tends to wonder at how God made the seasons so perfect. I’m so glad I live in the North Georgia Mountains. We get a good flavor of the four seasons. When each season rolls around I always say, "this one is my favorite" but then the next one gets my attention the same way. This time of year people begin to express how glad they are to see cooler weather arrive after having survived the summer heat.

This is the time of year you can ride through the smaller towns and see the Fall Festivals happening. Locals put out their talented crafts for sale. I love to stop and buy one or two, then get a bag of Kettle Corn or a Funnel cake. Don’t you just hate it when you get so sticky with the white powdered sugar, but you keep picking at
it and putting it in your mouth? Oh! And what about the smell of the Barbecue cooking on a homemade grill, made from and old black oil drum ? You just have to buy a BQ Plate to support the local Jaycees or some church, for goodness sake….Yeah, Right!

I’m getting excited; our town Blairsville, always has the Sorghum Festival two weekends in Oct. It brings people from all around. Rather sad talking to a local fellow the other day, he said the making of Sorghum Syrup is going out as he said, “these young people just not a eatin it like those old folk who are a dyin off”. I did notice the cane syrup wasn’t growing in the open fields in the last few months and the Old Dyer Family Mill wasn’t cleared off from the Kudzu growing all around. Use to when you would drive down Hwy 129 around late Sept, you would see the good ole boys out there with their tractors and bush hogs getting it ready for the all night cooking of the stuff that brings so many adults and children in to see the happenings and getting in on the Biscuit Sopping Contest.

The Fall is popping out all over. So start watching as the leaves get golden, then maybe an orange, then a bright red, as if they are saying “Dah- Dah” with pride….I can’t wait!

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