Wednesday, January 12, 2011


You know what’s on my mind today? Well we are snowed in, rare in this part of the country. These North Georgia Mountains see this maybe every 10 years so I am getting to experience it. Heard this news this morning that 49 of our 50 States have snow wouldn’t you guess it? Florida is the only State without snow on the ground. We were warned to get ready earlier than usual so we got our supplies and settled in. At first it was fun, then got old. Snow Storm January 2011, I will remember for a long time, and the feeling that came along with it...FEELING TRAPPED!!!

Feeling trapped in this house has allowed me to see “up close and personal”, how people allow their circumstances to overcome them, to the place of feeling like their world is caving in and they FEEL TRAPPED. It could come in the form of waiting on a lousy job situation to change and it lingers on and on, a relationship that is complicated seems to get bigger and bigger each day, in this day and time most people are living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck in a financial crisis, feeling like there is no way out. And you could tell me your story and it could be worst than I have mentioned here

What will happen? I have heard Phil say so many times, “twenty years from now we want even remember it” or “ this too shall pass”. I think “yeah”, but when the “rock is in your shoe, it’s a big rock”. But pretty soon something else takes it place and you start over with this Character Building Process, I call it. There are choices that really make a difference. We can sit here and have a “pity-party” with puckered lip but how will that help? It doesn’t help to throw in the towel and quit you know for sure about that one. If you are reading this you are a pro-active person ready to take action in your situation. That’s what it takes, having that ‘go get um” attitude, and “fight, fight, fight” as Meg Ryan portrayed so well in “You Got Mail”. I’ve even acted like she did in that movie in my room under stress about my stuff, of course, with no one looking….

I love reading what my Facebook friends post. I get some good insight seeing what different ones put on there about what goes on in their world. Today, a friend of ours shared she is moving. It seems it came upon them in just a matter of days and caught them off guard. I got a feeling they were experiencing some of the things I shared here. Waiting, and waiting and then “Suddenly” it happen. Here’s what she said that was so good. I told her I was borrowing it from her and using it as my status for the day, and I did. Here is what she posted, “The moving truck comes tomorrow. Wow. It's happening fast. Chapters closing, blank pages waiting, God leading, faith following.” Now isn’t that good stuff in just a small amount of words? It gives us hope for what we are going through. You might be packing right now going on a new adventure or you might be wishing you could be packing, just wait your day will come. In this tight place you are stuck in, one day it will come and the message will be….”Chapters closing, blank pages waiting, God leading, faith following” ….and this snow will melt soon so I can get out so I will get back to my busy work while I wait……

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