Sunday, January 23, 2011


Been gone since last Thursday, had lots of commitments in Atlanta so we got a three night deal at a motel we like, got in our room, unpacked “made it our nest” like I “have to do”. We set out on our agenda to get all the things done in our three days in town. Doctor appointments, Word of Life Conference, take in a movie for some playtime and we certainly had to do the Mall.

With mission accomplished we arrived to our last day so this morning we got up early showered and dressed and went down for breakfast, I just love that part. It’s such a nice display of foods to select from, all kinds from healthy stuff to clog your arteries stuff. We enjoyed a slow meal and then left for our final destination. Let me describe it, this is what I just have to tell you about.... It was Heaven!

About a couple of miles down the road we began to see the one lane traffic that you knew to get in to find your spot. We came upon the men directing us with their vest on that let you know they knew where to tell you to go. The only parking was way off from the main entrance. I hadn’t seen this since my first concert experience down at the Phillip’s Arena in Atlanta years ago and this was not a concert this happens each week at this place. We found our parking spot got out and walked in the crowds to find a seat. The people started greeting us as we entered the door, I felt like they really wanted me there. We walked hurriedly knowing we had thirty minutes before it started. Already the downstairs seating was filled so up to the balcony we went. It was filling fast and if we didn’t find a seat we would have to go over to the west wing seating and watch from the big screen, which we didn’t mind. Finally we were in our comfortable seats looking around overwhelmed at the experience that surrounded us.

After the announcements were done, the music played and then it began, the thing we came for. I will remember this day for quite a while as the speaker took his place and begin speaking from his heart expressing what he had prepared all week to bring into this moment. I looked all around at the attentive people thousands filled the room. I was amazed at how many came out to hear what was going to be said. The speaker had already shared to a 9:00 am crowd, then after this 11:00am crowd he would again share with a 12:45 crowd. My heart was moved to think this many people were interested. To hear the News on TV or read in the papers we are living in a time when people don’t care and are giving up on this. Must not be true to see this many young people, old people and all kinds of nationalities present for this interest at hand.

It began, what I had been waiting for all week to experience, this moment not to follow this person by no means but to get what he was to say in a package of words that just penetrates my spirit to the core. We were told of a story told many years ago, a true one about a man that could not say “no” to what he stood for and was punished for it at that. He stood up for the one person that he would die for one day, and “get this” that one person had died for him one day. We were challenged to speak up and to BE BOLD just like him. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened, identifying with conviction, to the words that were said. I looked around and I was not the only one, as these well-packaged words were being cast out as seeds on a futile ground. My heart felt good as I thought what could happen when we all do what he was asking us to do. Oh! How much will be accomplished today and beyond as we take this and put it to practice. At the end he said as you leave today you will be given a bracelet you can wear to remind you of what you have heard today and to act on it. I got one and I am wearing its to remind me of the men in the Bible we were told about who stood up for the One who stood up for us that day….His name is Jesus! The bracelet says BE BOLD Act 4:29. Wow! What an experience I have BEEN TO CHURCH!!!

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