Friday, February 4, 2011


Just sitting here, its cold and raining outside makes for a day to read and sip my fresh cup of coffee. Thinking about life and all its circumstances. Oh! How it can get you into Tight Spots sometimes. If you are not careful you will let it control you, believing a lie, that things are not going to get any better or those things can’t change and it presses in until you say “Wait a Minute”! I can believe those things that are True replacing the lies. Funny how immediately you feel a release of the thoughts and pressures that have held you. You know, it’s all about Him and only Him that can be our everything. I received in an email today containing the list below; it’s from a wife whose husband was in a terrible car wreck several months ago he finally got to come home right before Christmas. They don’t know if there will ever be a full recovery as far as being about to function fully and even with their circumstances all around them they were able to send this, sure makes my Tight Spot seem really small…

In the happy moments— praise Him.
In the difficult moments—seek Him.
In the prayerful moments—ask Him.
In the decision moments—follow Him.
In the quiet moments— see Him.
In the lonely moments—know Him.
In the listening moments—hear Him.
In the unsure moments—believe Him.
In the active moments—serve Him.
In the waiting moments—trust Him.
In the hurting moments—touch Him.
In the lovely moments—adore Him.
For in all your moments, He is there
in goodness, in kindness, in love.

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