Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 Beauty Inside

I took a book off the shelf in my study, it is one that adds to my concern. My question is, "what causes people to think negative thoughts about themselves?.. even after they have dealt with their issues and replaced Lies with The Truth. It seems we have the tendency to go back to the bent of our childhood messages. These thoughts most likely, “Shame Based”. 

It grieves me to see someone not experiencing their True Identity in Christ. You say, "what is the problem?"  What hinders living in the fullness of the Truth of who you are in Christ, is because of some log jam in their lives that hinders the River of Living Waters flowing freely in their Soul.   

Our Heavenly Father provides all things we need to live this life as we surrender to Him so we can experience joy and peace.

But....if we allow circumstances to control us they can rob us of our joy. 

In this book, the author describes something very interesting about someone visiting his office.  This is the story of this beautiful woman sitting there sharing her problems....“As she arrived for her first appointment I looked at a beautiful woman that had all a woman could ever want, she could even be a movie star, but when she began telling me her story all that came from her mouth was negative words, lies that she was believing.  These were words like, how bad she was and how ugly she was, that nobody wanted her, even had several divorces in her background, giving her more defeat." What is the answer?

In my last entry, I began sharing some thoughts on how to recover the ground taken from a person and how it robs them of their ability to have peace and joy. 

Pay attention here, this information be a "crime stopper" to prevent those times mentioned above from happening where you are caught unaware!

These are good traits to add to your life as the beautiful woman God created you to be! Take time to take an inventory from time to time, get in the moment and see where you are in the here and now.  

Ask yourself what is going on in my head? What are the words I am saying to myself sometimes called "mind chatter?".  Ask yourself the hard question, "just how do I see myself on the inside where no one goes but me?". 

Have you thought about how much time and money we spend on our outside body to make it pretty?.... and what little time we spend on our inside beauty? 

We take so much time at the beginning of the day to put our makeup on but do we take time to put our "Inner Makeup" on? 

So here are some thoughts to ponder, concerning marks of Inner Beauty....


1.COURAGE – the inner commitment to pursue a worth-while goal without giving up hope.

2.PERSISTENCE – continuing to pursue a goal until it is achieved, “never give up”

3.GRATEFULNESS – a sincere appreciation for the benefit you have gained from another. Express it by beginning with those closest around you, like saying “thank you”.

4.CALMNESS – an inner peace that allows you to respond quietly to a stressful situation with out fear. Trust God in your care!

5.GENTLENESS – showing tender consideration for the feeling of another. Like you want to be treated.

6. UNSELFISH LOVE – an action directed toward fulfilling another person’s needs.

John 15: 11 -  “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete”

If you have a question or just need some encouragement please leave me a message I would love to hear if this helped know who you are...


  1. Thanks for writing this, it is beautiful

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I suspect you are expressing this beauty as your life unfolds!