Saturday, April 16, 2011


(Before reading scroll down and click on sound and have fun pretending with me)
Been seeing lots of storms and clouds lately around here, even one storm got a good part of our roofing, but guess what? Insurance has approved us a new one, that’s a good thing! I had to remind myself as I picked up shingles scattered all over the yard, even some around trees…Wow What force of wind that had to be as it came through here!!!

So things have been kind of tight lately in time and money, so sometimes I like to pretend I am somewhere else. I go through my memory bank and draw from memories of an earlier time when I was on a trip or a vacation where I felt so happy and good things were going on all around me. Especially on a cold day or a rainy day, I call it “making sun our of rain”. Just talked to a missionary friend in Romania, she described her weather as being a cold dark cloudy day and it had been that way for a long time. I know she stops by here from time to time as a follower of the blog so this is for her and anybody else that wants to travel with me. As a child, I loved playing “let’s play like” in a make believe fashion like projecting myself into another place. So let’s do that today get ready we’re going to the beach…YAY!

What a nice Condo, I love it on the eighth floor, got my first cup of coffee and everyone is sleeping, we were up late last night playing games. It’s so quite inside until I open this glass sliding door to step out then it’s the good sound of the Beach, it is loud in my ears. I love it, the sound of the wind blowing, the waves hitting the shore, below you can hear the workers putting out the beach chairs and umbrella’s for the day. It my space out here as I sit in my lounge chair, in perfect peace. I see a lady with a sack reach down for shells, placing them in her bag to take to a friend or take home for her collection in a special container. It’s there at home to remind her of this year’s collection. Each shell has a story, it lands on the beach one day to go home for someone to enjoy. Oh look, that guy is jogging down the beach, good for him even away from home he is still keeping up a good habit. Its a good place to exercise, you can run in open free space.

Well it’s time to go in, I can smell the bacon cooking. Someone is “rattling those pots and pans” making a full course breakfast for all to enjoy! I love it when we all gather around the table and join in discussing what has gone on in our lives since we last came to this place. Family meals are a good time to visit and reminisce about the good times and memories we make. As we finish we begin to tell what we each want to do. I want to make a duplicate of yesterday just as it was….

My mind goes back to yesterday getting ready to go outside and finding my place on the beach. I can smell the Tropical sun lotion now, that coconut smell… who can forget it? That place a few feet from the water was great. We all found our place and began to bask in the sun, the warmth on our skin dissolved all the winter storm memories from our minds.

I loved it when Caeden wanted me to build a sand castle with him. The bag of discounted beach toys I found in Kroger were just what we needed to make roads with the tractor and the little cars were perfect to drive on them. He brought several buckets of sand and water to pack down the mounds of sand as we made a mile high castle. I can’t wait to dig a tunnel each time, out the other side. I look down the beach at a group of kids walking this way. I just dare them to step on our masterpiece! They walk on by, I think because Grandma is here with the “evil eye” it certainly does the trick. So we finished the project and head for the water. The waves come one by one, we jump at each one as it lifts us. I laughed so hard when one knocked me down when I wasn’t looking. I never get over the fact that the salt-water makes you float so well on top as you lye back and relax, years ago my Daddy taught me that. He loved to float that was his favorite thing at the Beach!

As the sun’s bright light of the day turns to a faded orange we know it’s time to gather our things and finish in the pool, then call it a day. Lots of discussion is made about where we all want to go eat. Which seafood restaurant do we want to try tonight? As we settle on one, my taste buds are beginning to churn, just thinking of that catch of the day is the choice that’s hard to make. We all say, “we have to remember to some room for the Key Lime Pie” Oh yum! I love the Beach!!! Glad you came with me? Maybe we will do this again…..

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