Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just love chocolate, what girl doesn't!
That's what I had on my mind today.  You ever do that?  Get something on your mind and have to talk about it? What better place but to share here the love of the sweet stuff!!!

Waiting in line at the grocery store, what do you do?  You look over at all the many kinds of chocolate bars created over the years staring at you saying, "pick me, pick me". I took this picture the other day just to put here.  As I stood in the line at Ingle's, even though people were looking at me like I must have a strong addiction to candy to have to take a picture of that rack. 

My all time favorite is the Snickers bar.  I took it out of the package to take a picture of it but ate it before I put it down. Before I knew it I had eaten the whole thing…well you get the picture? Hum you know what I mean….

 My chocolate money bank was given to me by my friend Katie, she and her husband are missionaries to Mexico.  When they visit us on their furlough, she always makes sure to give me something unique and this one was for sure.  My money will surely go in it for my chocolate! 
 I will always remember as a child living in the city of Atlanta.  Ever so often we would go visit our aunt and uncle in Dallas, GA, they lived way out in the country.  It would be so cold we had to sleep under a layers of quilts so heavy when we kids wanted to turn over we would have to holler “shift”.  I would look off the bed and see chickens walking under the house through the cracks in the floor.  Those were the days and as I look back I cherish getting to see how it was “back then”.  I can see it now, we all would get in the car to leave and my aunt, with chewing tobacco coming out the sides of her mouth, would shout to us, “now ya’ll SAVE UP where youins’ can come back”  My mind would race thinking how we could save to get back off those asphalt streets to this country place and the slow life. “Save Up” is said often and now it fits here…I’ve got to SAVE UP to buy chocolate and got a bank to hold it!!!….. 


When I was in High School I would get a coke and any chocolate bar for lunch, healthy huh?

The kids love to come home for a weekend visit and you can be sure they will get a pan of my brownies more chocolate….   Oh yumm!  Can't you just reach out and pick one of these up and put it in your  mouth right now you can't beat a good brownie!!!  

And lets not forget the Chocolate Cake we have to celebrate our birthdays or for a holiday!
 When we go out for a Sunday afternoon ride I love to get a chocolate shake at the place of our choice....

So have you had enough chocolate today?  ...Thanks for joining me as I share about my chocolate cravings, bet in the next 24 hours you will have something chocolate let me hear about it!!!

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