Monday, August 15, 2011


I love to watch the PGA Golf Tournaments.  Those guys have to be so focused to play yards away from their goal.  Think about it!  They put the ball down in its place, grab the club they carefully HAVE to select, make the swing with force behind the white round machine made idol while the crowd watches in total silence.  It flies through the air with eyes closely watching to see if the swing of the golfer matches the hole of the planned destination.  It either is a perfect hit or one that is off, off in the sand trap, water or just stopping on the edge of the hole, they must be saying “I hate it when that happens!” 

A young guy won yesterday at the Atlanta Athletic Country Club, if you are local you have driven by that place many times, its greens are manicured immaculately for the crowd to enjoy.  I like it when a young one wins getting into the arena early in his career.  Love it when they get a break passing those that we think will win just because they are suppose to.  This guy had a great comment about his day that gives us a heads up in our own lives when things goes not just like we expected them to be.  Look at how this article described his day…

In a major filled with unfamiliar names, Keegan Bradley delivered an unforgettable finish.

Bradley was five shots behind with only three holes to play after his chip shot raced across the 15th green and into the water, leading to a triple bogey. That's when he reminded himself that no lead was safe on the final four holes at Atlanta Athletic Club.

''I just kept telling myself, 'Don't let that hole define this whole tournament,''' Bradley said.

Instead, it led to one of the most stunning turnarounds in a major. Bradley made back-to-back birdies, including a 35-footer with a belly putter that rattled into the cup on the 17th.

Here is our “take away” from the article.   Did you catch what Bradley said?  This is important…....

''I just kept telling myself, 'Don't let that hole define this whole tournament,'''

Let that sink in…..Life can get so fast and crazy it is essential that we keep our FOCUS!!!

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