Sunday, October 2, 2011


(This was an earlier post but we need to be reminded again of its power and comfort in our lives.  One of my relatives is facing a health crisis right now and I know they are finding comfort in His Word...The is truly His love letter to us.....)

It sits on the table, we carry it to church, it is written to help us understand it in modern day language which has brought it into many sizes and colors--and to think it started out on simple paper of scrolls. It is criticized over and over, questioning if it is truly God’s Word, and yet it still stands True to the test.
It is a light to the world. Man may try to destroy it but it will still exist. It’s a Light! It’s Alive! It carries one through the long night of darkness until the morning light breaks. It brings the lost soul to Life Eternal. It is the pathway to Truth!
“There is no hope” is the thought of one taken by the angst of life, as they see it lying on the table, as if illuminated…they look over and decide to open this book called The Bible. Words taken in seem to be the answers they were searching for to unlock the tightness they felt. It was as if its words had jumped off the page into the eye gate, going straight to their soul, as a laser would go to its target. Hope fills the heart when just moments before they were overcome by life’s pressure. It’s Alive, It’s Alive! It’s indestructible! It’s there and freely available. It has all the answers for life. But, it has to be picked up, read, and believed by the person for whom his Maker wrote it, as His love letter….THE BIBLE.

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