Wednesday, October 5, 2011


RIGHT HERE!  But, you are saying, “I don’t have a sense of His presence”  Then you might hear someone say, “we are to walk by faith and not by sight”.  I’m sorry when you are going down for the third time or sitting by someone who is about to leave your presence on this earth that just is not what you want to hear….

I know and I know you might be hurting and hurting deeply but it is the Truth.  Our heart and mind will get in a state where you can’t process the Truth when it is being crushed by what you are seeing or hearing.  You have heard me say, “don’t let your eyes and ears lie to you”.  That’s all the more reason to live by faith and not by sight.  So how do you develop your faith so when these times of crisis come it want take you down or cause you to feel you are drowning?  Good question!  Let’s see what we can find as a solution….

A devotion this morning caused this idea for this writing to come to me.  My family is in a dark place today.  My niece's 16 yr old daughter Megan, all of a sudden a week ago today, became deaf in both ears.  She is a beautiful girl, loves life, popular in school and now she is in a silent world.  It has shocked our family we all have become involved in our own way, that’s what we do.  So these thoughts I write are “up close and personal”!

I love to read Psalms 91 when my heart is troubled and outside circumstances are trying to move me off my foundation of my faith.  I have to go back to this chapter in my Bible and read it as though it is for the first time.  Verses 1-6 talks about His Dwelling Place.  Wow! He is our Dwelling Place.  It’s a place of safety, a place where we belong and nothing can take us away or harm us…. we are secure there.  

I quote from a devotional that says it so well concerning Our Dwelling Place.
In this psalm Moses begins by declaring that God has been the dwelling place of people in all generations. What is a dwelling place? It is where you live, your home. This statement declares that God has been the home of humans ever since they have been on the earth. In all generations, God is where they continually live. You will recognize that this is the same truth Paul uttered when he addressed the Athenians on Mars Hill. He explained to them that God is not far from any of us (even pagans, he points out), “for in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). God exists as a home for people”. (From the book The Power of His Presence: a year of devotions from the writings of Ray Stedman)

This is for sure when we feel down and all alone and the waves are crashing He IS our Dwelling Place how much better can it get.  Walking each step in this Truth will get us through the times we feel He is nowhere to be found.  That is when we search out in our mind asking the question, “where is that lie coming from?” and quickly replace it with this Truth….”He Is our Dwelling Place, HE IS HERE and nothing can ever change it!”....

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