Thursday, July 12, 2012


 What is that, you say? Well it is what I am searching for; it is the “story of my life”.  I am forever trying to rest.  When I rest I am doing something, just can’t stop. I do have a relaxation tape I listen to for 20 minutes at day when I get time...uh more trying to rest! When I want to stop and let my mind and body rest I see great results.  I just love life and don’t want to miss out on anything, would “type A” personality come to mind?  Yeah! On Steroids!!!

You noticed it has been a few weeks since I posted here and it might be a while until I get back, who knows.  I know you hate it when somebody starts a blog and then doesn’t post on it.  You get your interest up and then can’t wait until another post, and then you think the writer went for a break and forgot to come back.  Well that’s where I am right now.  I am real busy. I think that’s a bad sign, when I don’t write. Means I am not taking time for me. 

I love to vent here, can you tell?  I like to put out good information you can take and use, but right now I sit down to write and “”.  I am asking God what’s going on with me?... and guess what?...I hear crickets...nothing!  So here I am just typing away and saying nothing.  But it feels good anyway, like it “scratches where it itches”, like they say.

We got back from our trip; you saw the pictures in my last post, now we are packing to do a work project in the Northeast right where we were in May. The month of June was the beautiful wedding of our son and new gorgeous DIL whom we love.  I will give you some pictures to see for yourself. We had July the 4th.  It seems to be one thing right after another, but you know what?  I like it that way.  If you see me and I look frazzled and look like I am running in circles, don’t worry about me I am just doing a “Gomer Pyle” lifestyle, trying to keep up. Thank goodness for my Electronic Tools or is it Toys? My MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone keep me at the right place at the right time even if I haven’t had a bath or had time to feed my body or soul.  Are you getting the picture?

You can see things are busy, and I want to talk about REST? It is the kind of REST I might have mentioned in the past. It is to Rest in Him, you know the One who gives Rest for your Soul.  It is that place where I want to get and stay.  I read the other day a good book by Artie Sposaro, “Sacred Flow”.  After reading it I thought, “I want to live right here” and I plan to as I practice that Rest.  Here’s some valuable advice the writer put out, “We simply need to give our full attention to discovering and moving in step with God’s beat.  It greatly benefits us to regularly stop in the midst of our frenetic days and take a few deep prayerful breaths in order to re-attune ourselves with God’s peaceful rhythm”.

One of the statements he said was so powerful and makes so much sense, “We’re meant to live freely in God’s Spirit, intimately walking with God and tenaciously trusting in his love. God means to dislodge our Faith, set us free in the flow of his divine current.”  I think that is what is going on in my life right now, He wants to take me up to another level of Faith as I live, RESTING....  He might be doing the same thing with you right now.....

So let be brag as a proud Mom. Here is a picture of our Son Rob and his new bride Jennifer, we are so proud to welcome her into this wonderful family.... 

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