Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Since I was here last I've been tested with what can really get me down.  Want to guess what it is? You will never guess it!  

Let me tell you what happened a week ago.  After having a great day, then closing out our night with a little TV and reading my husband went downstairs first to call it a night.  He said with a loud voice, "come down here quick!".  

Little did we know a hot water pipe under the kitchen sink had burst and ran about an hour we figured, in "fire hose power".  We had water everywhere which we now are finding out, it did about $20,000.00 damage.  It got my dinning room, kitchen and bathroom. Oh! and believe it or not even got the A/C ducts. 

So now, you want to guess?  Well the answer to "what can get me down" is my stuff to be taken away and to live under conditions with people in and out of my house that I don't know from "Adam's house cat".  And to top it all they came to me and ask, "uh! where can I put this?" I see it's my personal belongings in his hands.  Yikes! I scream for Phil at this point.  "MY" world is braking down. 

They then set in place about ten high powered fans and dehumidifiers that have been running 24/7 for days at a high decibel level.  Rock my World.... want you!?!...I didn't ask for this....

I like my life to be just so so where I can be IN CONTROL...and QUITE!!!  That's not the way it is right now.  I don't know where anything is.  I don't know what my new place will even look like when it is all done, thankfully the Insurance Company is working this out.  My whole life seems to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

 So under these conditions, I am sitting here and thinking, what can I do to practice Resting in Him and Trusting this "living out of my COMFORT ZONE"?!?  My mind went to these thoughts.  Each day we don't need to be moved by the circumstances around us.  I thought I need a Declaration to be my True North to wear  everyday, so I found something someone close to me compiled one day when they were going though Life's Messes.  Little did I know this writing would come back and be mine today... and be just what I needed.  

                          MY DECLARATION OF LIFE

 "I choose to believe that God is who He says He is and trust Him with my life completely. I live each day in the moment, not looking in the rear view mirror of the past. I see my life through the windshield of the future traveling Northward into the sun.

    I am favored by God. My values are of character, grace, strength, honor and integrity and with these truths I am a winner. I love myself unconditionally, and greet each day with love in my heart. I smile because I am grateful for all I have. I know who I am and will experience the life God has given me with confidence and commitment everyday"

Today I am now able to "be thankful in all things" and now going TO JUST DO IT!!!

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