Sunday, April 5, 2015



Been thinking about this Life Plan question, writing this made me review my mine.  I've been feeling I have diverted from my path.

My next thought is, so "who or what" is taking my time and attention away from the course I so carefully discovered unique to me years ago?  

I came up with this conclusion.  It's not my neighbor, not my husband, not my children, not anybody or thing...IT'S ME!!!

Oh my, what a Revelation! And that thought has briers in it that sticks me when I think about it, like..Ouch! Maybe it's what it takes to get me off my backside and do something about it, because nothing feels better than walking on the path that fits you and accomplishes the reason you are here.

So what does this mean? Well, I am my biggest enemy when it comes to living in my head with my thoughts and choices each day.  Duh!...isn't that what a Life Plan will take care of?  The answer is "YES", in case you didn't know.

A Life Plan can work like a compass.  It reveals the path you take that fits you best. It shows you what you want from Life that gives you satisfaction. Most of all the fact is, what makes you fulfilled makes for a happy me!

Let's talk about your Plan and what's disrupting it.

Here's some rich thoughts that got my attention as I feel I was in a place that had my name all over it...

"Do you have dreams and goals you’re reaching for? How do you feel about your life? Are you happy, or do you have an “I hate my life” attitude?

Everyone faces problems in their life. We all have disappointments, shattered dreams, people who don’t like us, and people who even come against us. And the devil wants to use these things to discourage us and keep us from moving forward with our lives and the plans God has for us. He’s a dream thief, and if he can get you to focus on what’s wrong or what you don’t like about your life, he can defeat you.
How you think, the attitude you have, what you say and how you act determines whether you live in your problems or you move forward in the plans God has for you. Because our thoughts prepare us for action, we have to be determined to think like Jesus and agree with God’s Word.
OK,  I sit here thinking one good idea would be to go back to "first base" and review my Life Plan.

I am putting them out here for me to reread and to share with you maybe you can get help by seeing mine to discover yours.

I like to live by Priorities, what's the most important to me being first,  and so on. 

Here are the Values I have in my life. It's those things I would die for, they are so important to me. 


1. I have a growing relationship with God.
2. I value who I am as a person in Spirit, Soul and Body.
3. I have a unique friendship/relationship with my husband in Life and Marriage.
4. I am a caring Mother
5. I am in a Helping profession that guides individuals in finding Peace in Life and Relationships. 

I like to find the cause and effect of something, find the solution and get on with it, don't you?

Read the following with me, I am convinced this is our problem. If we can keep this Mindset we will overcome getting sidetracked from the things that matter:

               "The Power of Having the Mind of Christ

Until we agree with God, He can’t do anything in our life. We have to learn to recognize the lies of Satan and stop believing him. We need to glance at our problems and stare at Jesus. Then we can have the mind of Christ and think like God thinks.
First Corinthians 2:16 says, “…We have the mind of Christ” (NIV). We also have the Word of God to teach us about God’s promises for our life. When our thinking lines up with the Word of God, we are in a position to walk by faith and do what God is leading us to do.
When the devil lies and says you can’t, remember that God’s Word says you can do all things that God wants you to do through Christ who strengthens you (see Philippians 4:13). When he says it’s impossible for you to do what God has put in your heart, remember that all things are possible with God (see Matthew 19:26 and Luke 18:27).
 Make up your mind to shake off the lies that hold you back and have a good attitude. If you will, the devil can’t defeat you. Remember: Nothing is too hard for God!"
I plan on reviewing the questions I ask myself years ago that stirred me to get a plan.  They were "Who Am I?" Why Am I Here? and "Where Am I Going?"

Enjoy your personal discovery, then get on the plan that comes from you and after awhile stop and see if you have allowed something or someone get you distracted.  Don't forget that person may be you... 

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Many things have been written today and posted here and there about Easter.  I know the real meaning of Easter.... it’s when Jesus took Sin upon Himself on The Cross. 

It's when.... He corrected the error Adam and Eve made in the Garden.  It's Him giving me the right to enter my Eternal Home one day.

And, in my own personal way, I quietly humble myself giving Him my gratefulness for what He did for me.  Then I get excited thinking how Mary Magdalene must have felt when she ran to tell the Disciples, “THE TOMB IS EMPTY”. 

This makes me want to go Shout it others!   

...And....In the morning, I will start my day by singing in my heart, “Up From the Grave He Arose”, feeling chills as I experience the Truth of The Resurrection. This is really why we Celebrate of Easter! 

But tonight I......have this on my mind those sweet memories as a child, back then on 156 Claire Drive in Atlanta Georgia..

I think back to the time as a little girl the night before Easter.  Mother took great pains planning out my Easter outfit.  We would get on the bus and ride the nine miles to downtown Atlanta to shop at Rich’s Department store. 

The day began with energy but later into the day after trying on so many outfits, I got so tired and wanted to go home.  But mother would not stop before she found just the right dress with all the accessories to go with it.  There had to be a hat, gloves, and the perfect pair of socks and black patent leather shoes, I can smell the new shoes now. All those things had to go along with the dress selected. And then we would get to go home.

After arriving home, I could not wait to try on all the things she purchased for me, to parade in front of my daddy to see his reaction and to hear him sing the words, “ in her Easter Bonnet with all the Frills upon it”.  I would wait to hear him say how I looked so pretty, such approval meant so much to me as a small child...... 

I could hardly go to sleep thinking about the next morning getting to wear my brand new clothes.  Heaven forbid, if we got up and the weather had turned cold and I had to put on a coat to cover all that “Pretty”, I liked so well....

Awaking the next morning I could smell the bacon Momma was frying, getting our breakfast ready.  It was finally time to put on my Easter Outfit for that year. 

Then off to my friend Sandra’s house, to see how she was all decked out for Easter!

Off we went to Sunday school to hear the Story of Easter and maybe the teacher would pass out candy eggs in all colors.  All around the kids sat in a circle with their new clothes.  Some of the guys looked rather unhappy having to clean up to wear a tie fitting so tight around their necks that had been washed so clean the Saturday night before.  But we girls loved that day when we could proudly display our Easter Bonnets...

So in the morning as you get up and put on your Easter outfit, remember to not forget it’s not about what you wear or how you look, we miss it if we do. 

It is all about a Man Who Gave Himself that we might be Free and most of all FORGIVEN!!!.....

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Ever sat on the side of the road with a flat tire, waiting on AAA to have a wrecker come to your rescue?

Ever been sitting in the ICU waiting room fearfully waiting to hear the results of a love one's condition?

Both of these are challenges big and small and our emotions are the same touched by "worry, doubts and fears".

This morning I clicked on Facebook and right here on my electronic device was a friend's post that is just "plain Bottomline can walk it out today" answer for all of us.  I had to borrow it and bring it over to share with you. I'm feeling there is someone out there who needs a lift or a jumpstart on life.  It may be your last ditch effort, who knows, but I know who knows and it is the One my friend James George, speaks about in his words.  He lives by Faith as he serves on a Mission field that endangers his life each time he goes in to minister to the people he loves.

Please read this applying These Truth to your life as you walk this Earth...

 HE IS IN CONTROL - Someplace beyond our ability or possibility, is a land called “faith.” As best as I can describe, it feels like a situation where I am grasping for something just out of reach when I am falling or trying to find stability when walking on slippery ice. It causes my heart to flutter and sometimes faint for lack of security. I think to myself, how did I get into this situation anyway? Yet, I know, God led me here. If led by the Hand of the Lord, then why am I experiencing this anxiousness in my spirit? Why the doubtful fear? I would prefer to have my answers up front, but faith doesn’t yield its answers at the onset, answers are only revealed piece by piece as we walk through the situation. In Psalms 26:2, David invited the Lord to put Him through a test. He said, “Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart.” I have fallen on ice before and got up laughing at myself. I laughed and at the same time was looking around to see if anyone was watching or if anything might be bruised or broken. Mostly, all that was hurt was my pride. Rehearsing the event in my mind… the flailing arms, the out of control feet, the excited vocal expressions…only brings another round of laughter. The fall wasn't so bad after all. When it's all said and done, I would do it again if I knew things would turn out as they did. Actually, now that I am back on stable ground, I LOOK for someone with whom I can share the eventful story! There’s nothing quite like the helpless moment when all we can do is shout, “Dear Lord, I need you!” The great leader, soldier, and king, David wrote in Ps 56:3 “What time I am afraid, I will have confidence in and put my trust and reliance in You.” (Amplified Bible) Although he was a soldier and even a king, he must have had some fearful moments to pen these words. The only way out of anxiety, fear, and doubt, is to place confidence, trust, and reliance in the only ONE who can go beyond our ability or possibility, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” No matter how things look, He is in control. Trust Him. 
James George

Wow is all I can say I am going out now and face my challenge knowing that there IS someOne going before me..

Go have a Good Life and come back to see me sometime I would like to sit and hear your Story!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


.......hate to say this but if you are ALWAYS LOOKING FOR GOD'S WILL in your life you want find it. 

That search will lead you in always trying to find it, causing you to live "like a termite in a yoyo". You get the picture?

So, you are saying, "I dare you say such a thing... you "Can't find God's Will"?  You can't the way you are going about it.  

You see, when you become a follower of  Jesus Christ, you receive His Holy Spirit. He came to live inside you to guide you in all your ways.

Look at Romans 8:11 ESV, "If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you"...WOW this is Powerful!  

Since He has residence within you don't you think you are the Will of God acting out the plan He has for you/Him to accomplish? Think on that for a moment...

When my husband and I discovered this Truth and got out of the rat race of TRYING to Find "IT", we found peace. It was wearing us out, causing major discouragement, thinking God was to blame. We came to the end of ourselves...finally! 

A surrender to His Will brought a Rest in Him.  At this time, we then felt the ball was in our court, so to speak. It caused us to know we could make choices and the door would be wide open or shut tight. 

Sometimes I felt more comfortable with closed doors than open ones.  The open ones were scary like the children crossing the Red Sea must have felt.  But you know what? When they put their foot in the know the rest of the story.

 3 things come to mind in this process of Walking Out the Will of God:

1. Get alone with God ask Him to guide you as you "walk in the Spirit", Gal. 5:16.

2. Take a piece of paper and list your opportunities. Then for each one make 2 columns. In one write, What are the Positives in this choice? and the second column write What are the Negatives in this choice? You will begin to feel what is more appealing with the circumstances involved, ie. eternal value, cost to your family and of course pay and benefits, after all you have to survive, right? 

3. Lastly, give it to God and wait. You will hear that still small voice saying, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it" Isaiah 30:21NIV. You will Know.  He didn't leave us down here to figure it out all on our own saying, "look at them down there walking in ever increasing circles trying to find my plan"...NO a Big NO!!!

I can guarantee you this will work.  I have followed my husband in full time ministry for 40+ years.  I appreciate the fact that he has included me in all the decisions he had made.  In fact, the above evolved out of what God planned in and trough us. 

It has been plain and clear what we were to do.  Sometimes it was scary and cold but it was all part of the whole picture "a step to the step", you could say.

It does not have to be hard for anyone.  Enjoy life and let Him Live His Life Through you. It Fits like a Glove because it will be designed for you and His Kingdom because after all, isn't that what it is all about?... 


Friday, January 9, 2015


Todays Thought...

"Keep Your Focus, Stay On Your Path... To Reach Your Goals".....

    Just had to check in to see how we are doing with our 2015 Goals. IS STRESS DISTRACTING YOU FROM REACHING YOUR GOALS?  Can I share my feelings, My Real Feelings?

    In the last fews days in the beginning of this year already I am hearing so many friends and family living under Stress with all kind of situations and trials.  The news is bad enough right now the beautiful country of France is under Stress, with the what's happening in Paris...

    Oh My! how are we to respond? Do we get under the weight of these things? Do we let them control our emotions? How about this?..Do we let them take us under and live in fear FOREVER?  "NO" a "BIG NO"!!!  Not in my lifetime!!!

    Yes, I might have to eat my words by the end of this day, but right now I am energized claiming the Truth that we CAN live above all things that will come our way.  You see it is not me but WHO lives inside me that carries me, as I face challenges each day...

    I am hoping someone stops by Mary's Place and will read these words.  I started out this year with a clean slate from the things last year and encourage you to do the same.  We make goals, we set out to accomplish them and for sure you come across obstacles in your path.  So what do we do?


1. STOP.. step back.. and see what is going on.

2. LEARN.. from the circumstances before you.

3. TAKE.. what action you can, being Pro-Active in what you are facing?

4. GIVE it to God, Resting in Him.

5. MOVE on with your Life Plan.

    I know this sounds simple but it works!  In stressful times we tend to let things go until they get out of hand, growing bigger in our Non-Belief in God and Ourselves.

So this is my heart today.  I will come back soon but until then LET your day turn out to be your best!!!

Listen to this song, read the words as Mark sings them.  Can you relate?.. and can you "Own" this Truth that He will CARRY you all the way through The Storm?  

Sunday, January 4, 2015


.......sitting here wondering where to begin this new year, my mind goes back to when our oldest son let his life take a detour. You've been there knowing how.. it happens!!!  

He sat down with his Dad and they talked about a plan to get up and begin again.  

..... I have posted about this before but we need to be reminded, it fits all of us...

Here is what he wrote out that day....


I choose to believe that God is who He says He is and trust Him with my life completely. 

I live each day in the moment, not looking in the rear view mirror of the past. 

I see my life through the windshield of the future traveling Northward into the sun.

I am favored by God. 

My values are of character, grace, strength, honor and integrity and with these truths I am a winner. 

I love myself unconditionally, and greet each day with love in my heart. 

I smile because I am grateful for all I have. 

I know who I am and will experience the life God has given me with confidence and commitment 

.....what stands out in my mind is the Fact that we are "Favored by God".  With that fact we are not going to lose in 2015 let's begin....