Thursday, May 5, 2011


I will never forget we had just been married for a few days, some of you know our story we married young. I was 18 and Phil was 16, he was still in High School. I had graduated the year before. His principle Mr. Thornton, told us in his office one day after hearing we had eloped and Phil was now his first student attending school married. He said, “ Ok Phil, you can finish your education here but what ever you do don’t get your wife pregnant” and he said that very sternly, as we sat there in fear and trembling. After getting composed, Phil said, “Oh Mr. Thornton you can count on us we want!!!”….…..well five months later…..we both woke up sick and after a week we were thinking we had the flu. We went to the doctor and after test the doctor came in and said, “well congratulations, you’re going to have a baby”. We sat there thinking, Oh No, how will we tell the principle!!!

Nine months later we had a beautiful baby boy, we named him Robert Lee Mason, calling him Robbie. I took on a new role of being a brand new Mother. And by the way, Phil finished High School and Robbie was there for his Dad’s graduation. We all were so proud to see him walk the aisle getting his diploma. He worked several jobs to support us while attending school, insisting I be a “stay at home mom” for his family.

Then, three and a half years later, I knew when I woke up one morning I had that sickness and it was not the flu, this time I went to the doctor and again heard the news and July 27th Robbie had a little baby brother, we named him Phillip Wayne Mason and he would be called Phillip. I now became twice a Mother.

Over the years now, 48 of them for Robbie, 44 for Phillip they have not one day caused me to second guess this awesome role of being a Mother. I love it when I get their cards with expressions of the words from their hearts, and now in modern times, I will get a text that says, “thanks Mom” when I text them with an encouragement when they are facing a stressful time in their lives. I love it when my two guys are walking with their Dad and from behind I can’t tell which is which. They are two good-looking strong gentlemen that make me proud to be their Mom. And when they hold the door for me, or assist me with something to help me I just love it!!! I can’t say enough about this blessing of the title called Mother. And this coming Sunday all over the world there will be Mother’s smiling while their children express their love to them in a visit, call, card or Skype for those who live a long distance.

I can’t close without reflecting on the days of my first memory as a child until age 36 having my wonderful Mother who loved me and cared for me until her Home going. She was an excellent wife and mother who taught us how to follow in her footsteps. She was a dear woman who always put others first at her funeral it was a packed house of people we did not know her life touched. So to Mary Myrtis David I say, “thank you for being my Mother, I can’t wait to see you one day on the other side, I Love You!”……

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