Wednesday, August 18, 2010


“Get up it’s time to start to school” that’s the words said around the country this week and the weeks following. Where did the summer go? The suntan oil, the beach balls, the fishing polls, shopping Malls just hanging out, and on and on the summer fun is for now, put on hold till next year.

It’s time for a new teacher, meeting new friends… some good, some well OK…to put up with until one day you have to tell it like it is. Hate it when that happens!

For the teachers, what do you think they are going through? Questions like how many students will I have this year? Will they all get along and learn what I have put so many hours into to prepare them for the rest of their lives? What a big responsibility!

I read this today in one of my emails about Those Special Ones who stand in front of the classroom for hours, week after week, about 175 days a year. Who stand before those lives molding them to become all they can be. It just makes me appreciate how one day they answered the call, being educated to educate and to take on such a challenge.

The writer said this…..“I've never had a strong desire to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong. I admire tremendously those who teach. It was a teacher in junior high who taught me to love science. It was a teacher in high school who got me hooked on history. Another teacher helped me overcome stuttering and learn how to speak in public . . . how to think on my feet . . . how to pace the delivery of words . . . how to use humor. And it was yet another teacher who passed along the practical techniques I still use in digging pearls out of scriptural oysters.” So, let me firmly establish this fact: I am deeply indebted to several teachers. If you teach, be encouraged! You probably have no idea how great a contribution you are making.

Now when you see a teacher, stop and say “Thanks”, they just might need to hear it, to be reminded that they are so valuable. Think about it…they are a part of the world system taking it to a bigger and better place as their work goes into a mind and then that person takes it on to discover anything from an Atom to a Skyscraper, to a Space Ship to go in Space. So Mom or Dad, in the morning when you go into that room and turn on the light and say, "Come on it's time to get up" know it is bigger than you realize....Education what a gift!

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