Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I love our town of Blairsville! When we go out of town and come back, I get so excited, especially when I see the peeks appear as we top a hill or go around the bend as in this scene. The day I took this picture it was a clear fall evening. It was about 6:00 PM as we were coming in from Atlanta, with our goods we had gathered. The weather was a cool November chill. The mountains looked like they had been washed as they made such a pure definition of each mountain. And look closely; you can see Brasstown Tower standing tall on one of those mountains, like it’s waving us in. Everybody has seen it, as they round the corner it means we’re almost home!

Speaking of home, everyone likes a place to call home. It’s where you can come in throw off your coat, kick off your shoes and relax from the sometime wariness of the fast pace world outside. Our home is a safe place. We can trust each other as we share our deepest thoughts and dreams. The meals are shared to our unique liking. Everything in the house is open for each to share. And in the cabinet, we can keep our special cup or plate right in its place, for each time we reach to use it.

The morning is so nice and cozy in our house. On those cold mornings the one whose up first will turn the heater up, to start the day with the warmth of the fire. The coffee aroma fills the house as it begins to perk. On special mornings, maybe a Saturday when things run slower, you can smell the sausage or bacon cooking. Its getting ready to blend with the eggs, grits, gravy and biscuits placed on our plates.

When all the family return home, we gather around the morning table filled with all those servings. The Lazy Susan is spun around so we can select the fresh jam or jelly, of our choice. And… we don’t forget to first get a big dip of real butter ready to go on the hot biscuits, taken right from the oven. Lots of talk and laughter can be heard as we each tell all that has gone on in our lives. Oh My! What stories can be heard, since the last time we were in our circle, at our place around the table.

HOME.... there is nothing like it! I hope you make yours open to everyone. And to each one that passes through, hope they can say they come there because it is their place they call HOME!

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