Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Had the privilege to be with the ladies of New Hope Baptist Church in Mt Juliet, TN over the weekend. We had an awesome time. As I ended the first night’s session I gave homework, as I always love to do. It was about Journaling were you surprised? You know how I like my Journal and want everyone to begin their life journey through writing, being able to capture the accounts of their lives. It’s so valuable to look at later.

My assignment went just like this…..TELL ME YOUR STORY - write in your notebooks a paragraph or two about your Life (Be Truthful). Answer these questions WHO AM I? WHAT AM I ABOUT?/ WHERE AM I GOING?.

The next day I found out about a gal who had not written her poems for over a year, something like ''writer's block'' I guess. She shared with me how she went to her room and sat down and it just started coming to her and after so many months her mind went racing and her hand went to writing. I am Amazed at this talent, being able to form a poem and make it flow. I ask her if I could put it here I think it is of great value and you will benefit from it. Maybe you haven't written in a long time and need to start again or maybe this subject might jog your thoughts into the discovery of you. She gave it to me as a gift framed, it is here shared with you. I will cherish it as a remembrance of one of Father's precious girls in her discovery. Take a look at the words she put down about IDENTITY!


Do I know who I am
What should I use to measure,
A nickname, name or title
Or maybe personal treasure?

Is what others think of me
Noted as a fact?
Does each one see me differently
In my diffusing act?

Does where I'm from say who I am
Or is it where I'm going?
God, can You, help me see
For You are the All knowing.

On earth my identity
Is clouded and misplaced,
I've used the voice of others
And flesh distorts the taste.

You say that I'm Your child
Your daughter, and Your bride,
To You I'm someone special
That's why You came…..and died.

You've known me forever.
Yet I have just begun.
The war of life is raging
But I know the battle's won!

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